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Cat Shadow – Halloween Poem

A cat is a witch's companion of choice.  A cat is also a household pet.  Both identities sit at ease within the animal's elegant...

Paths – Poetry of Seasons

'Paths' is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts...

A Poem for National Poetry Day

The floral fade of a battered couch, background to the fiercest moment, when I was happy to feel your skin warm my skin.

Sequins – Poem

The poem, 'Sequins' aims to breathe life back into a time when I felt joy from my head to my toes.  In my late...

Beetle – Nature Poem

The beetle of this poem is a creature of reality. I encountered it four years ago at Mahon Falls and knew then, it would...

The Line – Poetry of the Sea

To lie on the line between sand and sea will not be enough, will not express my homesick longing for this one shore.

Wounded Boat – Poem

He kneels in the twilight, spinning moon disc hot with the surgical grindof steel, the bleed now sparking sickness, weeping fire from the fountain wound.

Daisy-Chained Summers – Poetry of Childhood

Over long, daisy-chained summers I wonderedhow an imaginary horse might move,I took on the actions, my hands were the hooves, my feet made the noise and as I galloped, friend after friend joined me, became a parade.

The Heart of Summer – Review

The Heart of Summer The Heart of Summer is a series of three poetry events, brought to the public by Poetry Ireland, in association with...