Flash Fiction: Roses and Memories by K. S. Moore

She likes to sit right among the roses. She doesn’t mind the thorns, doesn’t fear them. They are only part of a rose, just as human prickles and niggles are part of their skin. Naturally, the petals draw her eye and her favour, like soft tissue, wrapped around a gift. The shade of pink is so light, she imagines its glide against her cheek, while the yellow is defiantly spring-like, late into the season.

Snowdrops and crocuses.

Finding Time to Write

Finding time to write has become more of a challenge since giving birth to my baby girl. Ok, let’s be honest here, finding time to do anything other than look after her has become a challenge! However, as she skips past the ten week mark old (yes, 10 weeks!) I can cheerfully say ‘I am getting more things done’.

Owl with bright orange eyes.

Flash Fiction: Owl Eyes

Owl eyes are the deepest. They draw you in, when you don’t want to be drawn. When you want to sit still and mind your own business, stay lost in your own thoughts. This owl was curious. I saw it in his red-rust flecks. He wasn’t about to blink. Then again, neither was I.

St Bernard Dog.

Halloween Short Story Extract

The road narrows and the fog hangs in, like dragon breath. We’re on a nameless diversion – no signposts, not even sun to mark the horizon. Houses float out, make themselves known against white. If people live here, it can’t be so desolate. It’s just the weather.

But the road shudders its way into the car, into our bodies, until we exclaim at its roughness. Our eyes find the dirt, not even a hint of a white line. We could not live here.

Orange leaf on ice.

Write Club Continues

My new project, ‘Write Club’ continues to grow, as the third meeting took place last Saturday, at Waterford Central Library. The people who attended were full of positivity and passion for writing, which leant the session a definite energy. The atmosphere also seemed very relaxed, suggesting that people are settling in and beginning to enjoy this opportunity to meet with fellow writers, to work in a space away from home, and to receive support and encouragement.

Pencil and pencil shaving, depicting the word 'inspiration'.

Novel Writing – The Second Draft

After an intense eight months of novel writing, I recently left my manuscript to sit and breathe for a few weeks. Last Friday, I chanced taking a peek at the first three chapters again. My husband keeps asking to read them and I just wanted to be sure they made some kind of sense. Surprisingly, they do. I did have to make one small adjustment as I had managed to repeat the same back story in two of the chapters. But apart from that, the chapters read through in quite an ordered and entertaining fashion.

Signpost to the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

Analysis of Antiheroes

I’ve been thinking about Antiheroes this week. The topic cropped up in a conversation between myself and my husband. He asked if I considered the leading male character from my novel to be an antihero. I said ‘no’ and for some reason this worried me.

Stepping in sand.

Poetry and Stories Make the Heart Sing

I’m taking a break from the novel this week. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have managed to fill a major gap, but when I started to look at a couple of other chapters that needed a reshape, I found myself getting a sinking, sludgy feeling that I didn’t like one bit. So, I’ve decided to step back from my first draft and let it sit for a while before I look at it again.

writing plus coffee.

Write Club – a Force for Good Writing

At the weekend, I hosted the first meeting of a new group called ‘Write Club’. The group was formed from a small gathering of writers I have met at events / workshops or have chatted to on social media. The idea of ‘Write Club’ has been floating around my head for some time. I occasionally hold workshops and have noticed the huge difference just getting out of the house can make to general levels of productivity. I always bring a notepad myself and notice that my mind clears, allowing me to write very freely.

Beach in summer.

First Draft Complete

I’m quietly celebrating completing the first draft of my novel.  I say ‘quietly’ because I know there’s no point in getting too …

Goldfinch on a branch.

Flash Fiction: The Birds Tick Time

The birds tick time outside my door. I count the seconds, the colours. Such small lives. The bluetits and coaltits are the everyday ordinaries. If they were human they would wear a suit and tie, hold on to their jobs for dear life.

Red and black butterfly.

Summer Micropoetry

July can be a heady month; pollen still strong, the sun burgeoning. So far, this July has been a little damp and cooler than expected, but as a hay fever sufferer, I’m not complaining at all! I’ve been busy observing nature and scribbling fragments of summer micropoetry.


Unlit Sticks: Flash Fiction

The tractor scores bright lines in the field. Four bales of silage already loom, great barrel-shadows with a sheen of their own.

Red calf.

A First Draft takes Shape

I’ve made significant progress in the first draft of my novel and would say that I’m around two thirds of the way through. I feel as though I am pulling at threads, tightening them to create a secure and structured narrative. What was once a stream of words is now beginning to take shape.

A Writing Whirlwind

I feel like I’m caught up in a writing whirlwind at the moment. Lots of words are swirling around me – some, taking the form of poems, some, stories and many, (although sometimes it feels like not enough) are combining to take the shape of a novel.

Story Wise Workshop at Garter Lane

It’s time to get Story Wise! This workshop should interest writers looking to improve their story-writing technique and offers the opportunity to ‘Write a Story in a Day’ in a relaxed and friendly environment, with support at every stage.