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  • Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Mushroom Cake!

    Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Mushroom Cake!

    It seems we have a friendly grasshopper, content to stretch out on our doorstep and chirp a greeting. Obviously, he doesn’t realise his size puts him in great danger of being stepped on! He’s so relaxed that my husband was able to take a very detailed close up of him.

  • Micropoetry and the Hairy Molly

    Micropoetry and the Hairy Molly

    I’ve been looking out for a certain kind of caterpillar, thinking of its presence as a sign; a prime indicator that autumn is here. The caterpillar I refer to is known as a ‘Hairy Molly’. I think this is actually a slang term for the larvae of the fox moth, but don’t quote me. I’ve…

  • Meeting a Beetle at Mahon Falls

    Meeting a Beetle at Mahon Falls

    Mahon Falls is a place I go to find peace. It is characterised by mountains, stubborn sheep (with horns like celtic knots), rushes, greenery, gushing water and pure air. Well, the air is usually pure. On this occasion a group of smokers gathered in front of our just parked car, obscuring the view and lending…

  • The Seagulls of Dunmore East

    The Seagulls of Dunmore East

    Before the storms, there was Dunmore East . . . This is what I shall tell myself when my country cottage is under siege from swirling gusts and whipping rain. Yes, I’ve read the weather forecast for the coming week and it doesn’t look good. So today, I’ll be reflecting on a fresh, but sunny…

  • The Lost Animals of Summer

    The Lost Animals of Summer

    Whenever my husband and I return home from an evening out, we catch sight of a lost looking animal at the side of the road. A couple of days ago we saw a fox cub; his ruddy fur, fanned out from his face like a mane. Seconds later, he fled into the bushes, the tip…

  • When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    Our swallow chicks have fledged already! It seems they were an early brood. One minute, Hubs and I were gazing up, trying to count the number of feathery faces; the next, we were looking at an empty nest.

  • Summer of the Rabbit

    Summer of the Rabbit

    Well, I think we can safely say the summer is here. Never mind the rain, like last year, we have swallow chicks and baby bunnies residing in our garden. It was Hubs who spotted the first rabbit, darting under our shed.

  • Walking by the River

    Walking by the River

    I love walking by the river in Carrick-on-Suir. The water always looks so fresh and cool. Sometimes it’s possible to distinguish black flickers of fish in the depths. Swans parade like floating snowdrops and on a sunny day the sky presses, only offering a bare trace of breeze.

  • Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Right now, I have a stunning view from my window. The tree across the road is wearing a badge of blossom. It looks like a wedding guest, proud to show off some fresh blooms for the occasion.