Sengi and butterfly.

Hidden Kingdoms – Following the Trail

I'm always looking for something to watch on these quiet winter nights - particularly now that I've read all the books I was given for Christmas. For me, BBC 1's 'Hidden Kingdoms' is a current highlight.
Mizen Head

West Cork Adventure: Mizen Head, Barley Cove & Glengariff

Are you ready for part 2 of my West Cork adventure? Last week, I shared my Schull and Harvest Moon Festival experience. This week, I'm reflecting on time spent at Mizen Head, Barley Cove and Glengariff.
Heron in the weir, at Cahir.

A Walk on the Cahir Side #Nature

Ducklings, cygnets on the verge of becoming swans, adult swans - these were the sights that met my eyes as I arrived in Cahir, County Tipperary, last Friday. The cygnets were like mousy adolescents - unsure of themselves in the company of swans, but brave enough to chase a duckling or two! Hubs and I couldn't resist a riverside stroll.
Swallow Chick

Swallow Chicks, Big Fish and Orange Berries

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have heard me mention my new family of three - the swallow chicks! Ok, so they're not quite mine, but as their nest is situated just a few feet from my door I have adopted the 'watchful aunty' role and I think we're beginning to bond!
Hedgehog nestling amongst ivy and dead leaves.

Alive and Spiky! A Hedgehog Calls

Imagine the scene. My husband cheerfully mowing the lawn, when a sudden movement catches his eye. Is it a rat, a mouse with a mohawk? No, it's a hedgehog. Cue, sigh of relief!

The Shadow of a Bird, Heatwave Over

The heatwave seemed to invigorate all the small creatures that live around my house. While I lay listlessly on the sofa, watching the 'mountain men' scramble for a podium place in the Tour de France, they babbled, squabbled and, in the case of the flies, circled meaningfully.

Day Trip to Cork City, Boats & Sparkly Sea

With all the warm weather, my life took a turn for the joyful last week with a series of day trips, sea views and good times. A friend and I decided our summer wardrobes could do with an update and embarked on a sunny day trip to Cork City. On the way, we stopped at Youghal to buy sunscreen and admire the sparkly sea views.
Two baby rabbits.

Rabbit Family Values

A rabbit family have moved into my garden. Talk about Watership Down, it's Watership overflowing out there! Firstly, Hubs and I spotted a large rabbit, then a medium sized one, then a baby and finally two babies . . . I know, it sounds like the rabbit version of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.
Mistle Thrush

Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

I'm missing Swansea this week; the place, the feel, my family and friends back home. I enjoy life in Ireland but sometimes I just get this ache . . . It's probably because it's over four months since my last visit.