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  • April Shimmers

    April Shimmers

    A flash drive masquerading as a silver glittery locket – my find of the week.  It’s nerdy, yet pretty, back up and bling up.  And if you’re not into shiny tat but still want to preserve your files there’s a choice!  For the healthy eaters: a watermelon slice, for the animal lovers: a rabbit, for…

  • Living by Impulse, Movies and Caterpillars

    Living by Impulse, Movies and Caterpillars

    A ‘Live for the Moment’ Philosophy only works if you can persuade your other half to believe in it too.  That’s what I found out this morning when (attempting to recapture some of my youthful impulsiveness) I said:  ‘The weather’s stunning, let’s go out for the day, there may be no tomorrow.’  Unfortunately hubs is…