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  • Magic Words Poetry Reading

    Magic Words Poetry Reading

    It can be lonely in lockdown.  It’s a state we’re getting used to, but it doesn’t get any easier.  I think it’s important to communicate through the channels that are still available to us and to cherish every precious word.

  • Perspective – Poetry Reading

    Perspective – Poetry Reading

    Could the way we look at things change what happens to us? Welcome to ‘Perspective’ – Episode 2 in a new series of poetry readings.  All the poems in this series are available to watch here and on YouTube. Each poem in this particular episode came from a poetry prompt, issued by Poetry Ireland’s Poet…

  • Nature Heals – Poetry Reading

    Nature Heals – Poetry Reading

    When we are held still, let us be held close to all that grows . . .

  • Let Down – Poetry Reading

    Let Down – Poetry Reading

    Let Down is a lockdown poem sprinkled with fairytale magic, ready to tell a story in verse and tell it out loud . . .