Body of Sound – Poem for U2

and the drums make a song of our heartbeats, lead them to stronger rhythms . . .
Fairy door

Leaping Fairy – A Poem for Good Friday

I’ve always been fascinated by the story of the Cottingley Fairies. At the age of seven, the thought of two girls managing...
gold crown

Crown – Poem

This new poem, 'Crown' is inspired by the threat of coronavirus and examines the image of the crown (corona, in Latin) as...

Changeover – Spring Poem

The poem, ‘Changeover’ was written after a spell of extreme weather and holds a lot of hope. There may be a few...
A branch of hearts

Valentine’s Day – Poem

I see Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. Last year, I was treated to...
Mountain waterfall

More than Winter – Poem

I was so young. I stood at the edge of a waterfall, cried her happy tears,let her dress me in silver-white, a lace so fleeting, it could not be shaped.

Snow Picture – Winter Poem

I found your smile in a snow picture — you must have been twenty-six.We weren't married but felt we'd eloped to a green land dipped in stars . . .
Ice balls piling up on a Finnish beach

Sea-felled Fruits – Micropoem

Sea-felled fruits holding ever afters . . .
Black Widow in battle.

Black Widow – Halloween Poem

0 are a number of inspirations behind this new poem, ‘Black Widow’, which I decided to...