Beach in summer.

First Draft Complete

I'm quietly celebrating completing the first draft of my novel.  I say 'quietly' because I know there's no point in getting too excited.  There...
Damselfly dalliance caught on camera, beautifully framed by the soft pink petals of the water lily.

Damsel to Damsel – Nature Poetry and Photography

I love writing nature poetry and have been known to dabble in a spot of photography. So, I decided to combine the two in this weekend blog post. My husband George is responsible for the stunning picture of two damselflies, taken at the lily pond in the gardens at Mount Congreve.

Writing Update: Flash Fiction and Winter Poetry

I've recently had a couple of flash fiction pieces and a poem accepted for publication. I'm also working on some new and inspiring projects, so it must be time for a Writing Update!
Snowy path.

Winter Life – Snow Poem

Angel cold, the wet-nosed rain became a crochet shower - star-shaped, bon-bon powdery, tentative, childlike, shy and soft.
Unicorn shaped cloud.

Fantasy’s Stamp – Poetry

Fantasy’s stamp is upon this sky From the cloud dust remains of a quartet of ghosts, they grow, gather pace on the carousel,
Snowdrops and crocuses.

Finding Time to Write

Finding time to write has become more of a challenge since giving birth to my baby girl. Ok, let's be honest here, finding time to do anything other than look after her has become a challenge! However, as she skips past the ten week mark old (yes, 10 weeks!) I can cheerfully say 'I am getting more things done'.

‘Shopping Digression’ or ‘Distraction by Shiny Baubles’ A Writer’s take on...

I love Christmas shopping.  I start it early and I finish it late.  Don't ask me how this happens.  It's probably down to very...
Creative Writing Workshops in Clonmel

Creative Writing Workshops in Clonmel

I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be leading two Creative Writing Workshops in Clonmel, over the next couple of months. 'Story Wise' will take place on Saturday, October 19th, and 'Start Write' will take place on Saturday, November 30th.

Paths – Poetry of Seasons

'Paths' is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts...