Heart Strings Extract for Valentines Day

I decided to post this romantic extract from my short story collection: Heart Strings, in honour of Valentines Day. 'Teachers in Love' is a love story (obviously) and the one part of the collection which fits that genre completely.
Spider Nut, a Poem from Landscapes and Hearts by K. S. Moore.

Spider Nut, a Poem for Halloween

So that's my best and scariest spider poem and I hate to tell you, it's inspired by a real life creature who lived over the front door of my house. Happily, I'm referring to my old house, not my current residence.

Creative Writing at Garter Lane Arts Centre

I'm looking forward to bringing Creative Writing to Garter Lane Arts Centre, with my workshop: 'Start Write', taking place on November 23rd.

Story Wise: A Short Story Workshop

It's official! I'm branching out into Creative Writing tuition starting with a Short Story Workshop. For those of you still humming and hawing about whether to book a place here are a few 'Story Wise' secrets to give you a flavour of the workshop . . .

Inspired by ‘Elf’

I watched 'Elf'' over the weekend and it got me thinking about the limits society places on us. Deep stuff huh? Who would have...
Cat shadow on the wall.

Cat Shadow – Halloween Poem

A cat is a witch's companion of choice.  A cat is also a household pet.  Both identities sit at ease within the animal's elegant...

Black Rabbit – A Poem for Easter

I remember the black rabbit sat on a throne of hill, the gold-specked, greenslide down to the road, where we stopped cars to wait for his shadow.
Partying with the minions!

Writing Round-up and a Word about Minions

A Writing Round-up seems timely at a stage where I'm halfway through the year, have been working very hard and have a few successes to report! So, here goes:
Ponies at Penmaen

Writing a Novel – Character and Story

I'm remaining very open minded about this novel I'm writing. It may not even be a novel. It could be a novella.