Poetry – Pebbles

Tricoloured pebbles, the sand stepping-stones of a shuffling huddle, or shifting land - a clinking crowd at ground.

Heart to Heart

Apparently the Valentines gift you buy for your other half depends on the stage your relationship is at.  If you've just met gifts may...
Swallow, swooping over water.

Sunshine and Swallows after Editing #Writetip

Editing can be a tricky process. In fact, I feel I've only grasped the concept of editing over the last couple of years. Before that, I used to pick, delicately at my writing. These days, I'm more of a hacker.
Extract from Rewriting Christmas, a festive tale which appears in the collection: Heart Strings by K. S. Moore

Heart Strings Extract: Rewriting Christmas, a Festive Tale

In festive tale: 'Rewriting Christmas', a cynical writer (Bill) battles with his publisher and self appointed publicist Teri. Teri cracks the whip from behind a polished facade of vanilla lipgloss, spicy perfume and empty air kisses.
Japanese Dragon Ornament

Japanese Dragon – Flash Fiction

He has a gold smile and a bell at his throat. He guards me as I write. He was a present from Japan – a place I have never been to, never will go to. I am no traveller, yet, I am drawn to delicate portrayals of Japanese life: a bridge, a hut, bright flowers.

The Poetry of Wildflowers

Dead Nettle, the words have a rattle. Death should not belong to soft lilac, or even the green, wing-like leaves that dress you, coquettish weed.

Flash Fiction: Soap-White

She assumes her position at the sink, everything greasy from the day's befores. She scrubs at silver insides; the eternal circle from clean to unclean. The water pounds in and she thinks of the river; a rat's tail - just the tail, moving through rushes.
Ophelia standing onstage.

Onstage Story, Part 2 – The Mask of Ophelia

“Now.”The word signals the start of the rescue operation. Leonardo swoops on the foundation, measuring out the exact amount required for each cheek and for Martha's high forehead. He dots, blends and expands, taking the reddish hue from her skin, replacing it with a pale sheen: the mask of Ophelia.

Back Home – Poetry

Back Home Mumbles greets, with pop-to-shop chatter, the ping of welcome, the smell of new, Welsh crafted gifts and the slow-down of browse.Home is in the accent, in the dragon on...