Arty Foodie Creative Writing

I'm really looking forward to teaching a Creative Writing Workshop at Bridge House, Dungarvan this Saturday. The workshop is being held in association with Storytelling Southeast, a Writing Festival which occurs in Autumn. The festival team also support art and literature events throughout the year.

Poetry – Heron

A solitary heron, silver-grey, his stature great, resides within the river village, old man hunched and scouring.

Story Wise Workshop at Garter Lane

It's time to get Story Wise! This workshop should interest writers looking to improve their story-writing technique and offers the opportunity to 'Write a Story in a Day' in a relaxed and friendly environment, with support at every stage.

Backstage Story, Part 1 – The Mask of Ophelia

The Mask of Ophelia The Mask of Ophelia is a short story set in the theatre, written at a time when I was writing a...
Ponies at Penmaen

Writing a Novel – Character and Story

I'm remaining very open minded about this novel I'm writing. It may not even be a novel. It could be a novella.

Micropoetry: This Moss is her Island

This moss is her island, its dewy green . . .
A bright maple leaf makes a startling autumn sight.

Flash Fiction: Maple Leaf

The maple leaf stops them. Its veiny palm invites examination, as peach and pale green cross shades. Autumn does this to maple leaves; scorns their attempts to cling onto their tree of birth, strikes them down, flattens their flame. And then, somebody finds the leaf, finds charm in its crown-like edges, its slight resemblance to thorns.

Icicles, a Winter Poem by K. S. Moore

Icicles don't bend, they stand up straight and spear. Through them, I see a white expanse, the field has stolen snow . . .
Swansea Bay.

‘Home Waves’ for National Poetry Day

Home WavesTo lie on the line between sand and sea will not be enough will not express my homesick, long-hearted fondness for here.