Love Song – Poetry for Dylan Thomas Day

As we lie in the swan neck of spent love, my hands play the ivory rush of your skin, summer smooth, petal keys sound out the first chord.
Maam Cross, County Galway

This Quiet House – a Poem for Galway 2020

There are ghosts in this quiet house.I pause under John Wayne’s arm . . .

Creative Writing at Garter Lane Arts Centre

I'm looking forward to bringing Creative Writing to Garter Lane Arts Centre, with my workshop: 'Start Write', taking place on November 23rd.

Figure of Night – Poetry for Halloween

There is no figure of night pieced together from patches of dark room, scrambled light of a blink.
Pen and Keyboard

My Poem – Milk – in New Welsh Review

As a teenager who dabbled in writing when no one was looking, I had a copy of The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook...
Cat shadow on the wall.

Cat Shadow – Halloween Poem

A cat is a witch's companion of choice.  A cat is also a household pet.  Both identities sit at ease within the animal's elegant...
St Bernard Dog.

Halloween Short Story Extract

The road narrows and the fog hangs in, like dragon breath. We're on a nameless diversion – no signposts, not even sun to mark the horizon. Houses float out, make themselves known against white. If people live here, it can't be so desolate. It's just the weather.But the road shudders its way into the car, into our bodies, until we exclaim at its roughness. Our eyes find the dirt, not even a hint of a white line. We could not live here.
Gate in field

Your Way – Motherhood Poem

The poem, 'Your Way' was written from observations of my children at the toddling stage.  This time of new steps, new sensations...

Micropoetry: This Moss is her Island

This moss is her island, its dewy green . . .