Extract from Magic and the Modern Witch, a short story from the collection: Heart Strings.

Heart Strings Extract: Magic and the Modern Witch

Magic and the Modern Witch was inspired by childhood memories of 'Clyne Gardens' a park situated just minutes from my home. My elder sister used to make up stories about the various buildings within the park.
Three micropoems written by K. S. Moore.

Micropoetry Medley by K. S. Moore

I wrote a lot of micropoetry in the early part of Summer. I shared the poems on Twitter and Facebook, but thought it would be nice to gather them somewhere a bit more permanent. I've organised these five poems according to place. The first three were written in my garden, which is often full of wildlife and inspiring sights.

Waterford Waits, Poetry Reading with K. S. Moore

I'm still buzzing from all the excitement of Waterford Writers' Weekend. For those that didn't make it to my reading, here is a video clip from the day. It features a poem called 'Waterford Waits', written in 2007 and inspired by Waterford Hurlers.
Spider Nut, a Poem from Landscapes and Hearts by K. S. Moore.

Spider Nut, a Poem for Halloween

So that's my best and scariest spider poem and I hate to tell you, it's inspired by a real life creature who lived over the front door of my house. Happily, I'm referring to my old house, not my current residence.

Shoes, Writing and the Body

I've been thinking, shopping and dreaming shoes for the last few weeks. I had a family wedding to go to and really wanted to look my best. I found a dress and flouncy scarf ages ago but I had no suitable shoes. So began my greatest fashion challenge, since, well . . . probably my own wedding!

Poetry and its Deep Music

The ShoreA shot of sea spills its gut, deep music.

The Poetry of Wildflowers

Dead Nettle, the words have a rattle. Death should not belong to soft lilac, or even the green, wing-like leaves that dress you, coquettish weed.
Frog and lily pad flower

Write a Short Story, Find the Spring

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a Creative Writing workshop over the weekend. The aim was to write a short story in one day and the attendees rose to the challenge with breathtaking results. I can't reveal too many story secrets but will say that the quality of writing was very high.

Poetry – I Take down the Tree

TreeI take down the tree, unwreathe its arms of tinsel and bauble. Now it is pure and green and dark, a figure without cover.