writing plus coffee.

Write Club – a Force for Good Writing

At the weekend, I hosted the first meeting of a new group called 'Write Club'. The group was formed from a small gathering of writers I have met at events / workshops or have chatted to on social media. The idea of 'Write Club' has been floating around my head for some time. I occasionally hold workshops and have noticed the huge difference just getting out of the house can make to general levels of productivity. I always bring a notepad myself and notice that my mind clears, allowing me to write very freely.
Fallen trees after a storm.

Shiver – Storm Poem

The wind soothsays in the key of G, sighing, I match my tone to his. In our duet I hold out strong, harmonise . . .
Maam Cross, County Galway

This Quiet House – a Poem for Galway 2020

There are ghosts in this quiet house.I pause under John Wayne’s arm . . .

Flash Fiction: Roses and Memories by K. S. Moore

She likes to sit right among the roses. She doesn't mind the thorns, doesn't fear them. They are only part of a rose, just as human prickles and niggles are part of their skin. Naturally, the petals draw her eye and her favour, like soft tissue, wrapped around a gift. The shade of pink is so light, she imagines its glide against her cheek, while the yellow is defiantly spring-like, late into the season.

Rugby, Poetry, Wales on Fire

Right now, I have Rugby, Poetry and Wales on my mind. As you can imagine, I'm still in a whirl, following Wales' successful bid to steal the 6 Nations crown for a second year running last Saturday. The match had all the ingredients that make rugby enthralling, gritty, soul-baring stuff.

Paths – Poetry of Seasons

'Paths' is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts...
Japanese Dragon Ornament

Japanese Dragon – Flash Fiction

He has a gold smile and a bell at his throat. He guards me as I write. He was a present from Japan – a place I have never been to, never will go to. I am no traveller, yet, I am drawn to delicate portrayals of Japanese life: a bridge, a hut, bright flowers.
A branch of hearts

Valentine’s Day – Poem

I see Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. Last year, I was treated to...

Backstage Story, Part 1 – The Mask of Ophelia

The Mask of Ophelia The Mask of Ophelia is a short story set in the theatre, written at a time when I was writing a...