Daisy-Chained Summers – Poetry of Childhood

Over long, daisy-chained summers I wonderedhow an imaginary horse might move,I took on the actions, my hands were the hooves, my feet made the noise and as I galloped, friend after friend joined me, became a parade.

Story Wise: A Short Story Workshop

It's official! I'm branching out into Creative Writing tuition starting with a Short Story Workshop. For those of you still humming and hawing about whether to book a place here are a few 'Story Wise' secrets to give you a flavour of the workshop . . .

Memories of a Multicoloured Mullet

I was at a 21st birthday party on Saturday and it started me thinking about my own celebrations a few (aherm) years ago.  Instead...

Heart to Heart

Apparently the Valentines gift you buy for your other half depends on the stage your relationship is at.  If you've just met gifts may...
Frog and lily pad flower

Write a Short Story, Find the Spring

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a Creative Writing workshop over the weekend. The aim was to write a short story in one day and the attendees rose to the challenge with breathtaking results. I can't reveal too many story secrets but will say that the quality of writing was very high.

May Day and The Hokey-Cokey

  I've discovered a great antidote to this miserable weather. It's singing a ludicrous song at the top of your voice. An example of how...

Micropoetry – Piebald Rug & Flood

Burgundy-earth patches on cream, soft as calla lily.

Sky Spirit – Micropoetry

Sky Spirit is a piece of micropoetry about the ghostly, magical effect dew can have on dandelion clocks and grass.  It aims to capture...

Tree Sisters – Nature Poem for National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day, everyone! I'm celebrating with the release of my nature poem: Tree Sisters. It's the first time the poem has appeared online, although it has been published in my third poetry collection: 'Landscapes and Hearts'.