Snow Picture – Winter Poem

I found your smile in a snow picture — you must have been twenty-six.We weren't married but felt we'd eloped to a green land dipped in stars . . .
Ice balls piling up on a Finnish beach

Sea-felled Fruits – Micropoem

Sea-felled fruits holding ever afters . . .
Black Widow in battle.

Black Widow – Halloween Poem

0 are a number of inspirations behind this new poem, ‘Black Widow’, which I decided to...
Gate in field

Your Way – Motherhood Poem

The poem, 'Your Way' was written from observations of my children at the toddling stage.  This time of new steps, new sensations...
Father and daughter in silhouette

The Only Truth – For National Poetry Day

Your body enfolds me piece by piece. In this womb I dream of awakened faces, loved ones I've lost . . .
Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet

Moon Woman – Spoken Word Poem

Reading this poem aloud to a packed Parade Tower, at Kilkenny Castle was exhilarating! ‘Moon Woman’ was chosen...
Moon and sun in sky

Moon Woman – Poem Extract

Today, I will be reading my poem, 'Moon Woman' at the launch of this year's Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet, taking place at Kilkenny...
Mossy trees

Running on Shadows – Spoken Word Poem

This moss is her island, its dewy green lends spring to her take off.She's running on shadows.
Brittany Seaview

Sustenance – Spoken Word Poem

At a time when food meant skin with folds, I hungered for all things sweet: iced buns, custard, marzipan fruit . . .