Fallen trees after a storm.

Shiver – Storm Poem

The wind soothsays in the key of G, sighing, I match my tone to his. In our duet I hold out strong, harmonise . . .
Cat shadow on the wall.

Cat Shadow – Halloween Poem

A cat is a witch's companion of choice.  A cat is also a household pet.  Both identities sit at ease within the animal's elegant...

Paths – Poetry of Seasons

'Paths' is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts...
Leafy path.

A Poem for National Poetry Day

The floral fade of a battered couch, background to the fiercest moment, when I was happy to feel your skin warm my skin.

Sequins – Poem

The poem, 'Sequins' aims to breathe life back into a time when I felt joy from my head to my toes.  In my late...
Beetle at Mahon Falls

Beetle – Nature Poem

The beetle of this poem is a creature of reality. I encountered it four years ago at Mahon Falls and knew then, it would...
Along the shoreline; the place where poetry of the sea lives.

The Line – Poetry of the Sea

To lie on the line between sand and sea will not be enough, will not express my homesick longing for this one shore.
Fishing boats at Dungarvan.

Wounded Boat – Poem

He kneels in the twilight, spinning moon disc hot with the surgical grindof steel, the bleed now sparking sickness, weeping fire from the fountain wound.

Daisy-Chained Summers – Poetry of Childhood

Over long, daisy-chained summers I wonderedhow an imaginary horse might move,I took on the actions, my hands were the hooves, my feet made the noise and as I galloped, friend after friend joined me, became a parade.