Ophelia standing onstage.

Onstage Story, Part 2 – The Mask of Ophelia

“Now.”The word signals the start of the rescue operation. Leonardo swoops on the foundation, measuring out the exact amount required for each cheek and for Martha's high forehead. He dots, blends and expands, taking the reddish hue from her skin, replacing it with a pale sheen: the mask of Ophelia.

Backstage Story, Part 1 – The Mask of Ophelia

The Mask of Ophelia The Mask of Ophelia is a short story set in the theatre, written at a time when I was writing a...
Japanese Dragon Ornament

Japanese Dragon – Flash Fiction

He has a gold smile and a bell at his throat. He guards me as I write. He was a present from Japan – a place I have never been to, never will go to. I am no traveller, yet, I am drawn to delicate portrayals of Japanese life: a bridge, a hut, bright flowers.

Sky Spirit – Micropoetry

Sky Spirit is a piece of micropoetry about the ghostly, magical effect dew can have on dandelion clocks and grass.  It aims to capture...

Love Song – Poetry for Dylan Thomas Day

As we lie in the swan neck of spent love, my hands play the ivory rush of your skin, summer smooth, petal keys sound out the first chord.

Off the Rails for Poetry Day Ireland

Off the Rails At midnight, the town travels, swallowed as snake joined, dot to dot houses, breathing through windows, illusion borne currents, electric gold, mirrored and flaming.In my mind, I control it,...

What I have to Say – Poetry

Can I tell you before it’s tarnished? Before the lichen crust absolves me of need to share?

Figure of Night – Poetry for Halloween

There is no figure of night pieced together from patches of dark room, scrambled light of a blink.

Spider Nut – Poetry

Licorice legs and a walnut shell. You could be a crab, tired of the grainy shore, the glucose whirl of a gluey sea.