Russian Dolls

Russian Doll – Motherhood Poem

We're sacrificing a Russian Doll, my husband saysand I see her waist, the curve defining head and body - a body of coal.
Pen and Keyboard

My Poem – Milk – in New Welsh Review

As a teenager who dabbled in writing when no one was looking, I had a copy of The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook...

Black Rabbit – A Poem for Easter

I remember the black rabbit sat on a throne of hill, the gold-specked, greenslide down to the road, where we stopped cars to wait for his shadow.
Cherry Blossom

Blossom – Spring Poem

'Blossom' is a poem for spring and its flyaway beauty. I was inspired to write it after reading a number of...
Big Wheel at Night.

Toffee Apple Fair – Childhood Poem

Candyfloss was the obvious choice, but I was no obvious child. I was as mild as the mown down grass in the school grounds where my legs tanned.
Stripy seashell

Shell – Poetry of Seashores

This shell could never have lived on a beach, its skin like the inside of coconut, curls, only mimics the movement of rock-pool water.
Leaf covered with droplets of dew

Leaf – A Poem for New Year

Take a leaf, walk its lifelines with your fingers. Make its shape with your hands, its perfect oval an alternate world.

Mistletoe Kisses – Christmas Poem

You said it was parasitic, feeding off trees, mimicking snow, rolled by the elves into crystal balls, masking the cold resistance of berry fists.
Snowy path.

Winter Life – Snow Poem

Angel cold, the wet-nosed rain became a crochet shower - star-shaped, bon-bon powdery, tentative, childlike, shy and soft.