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  • Moon Woman – Spoken Word Poem

    Moon Woman – Spoken Word Poem

    Reading this poem aloud to a packed Parade Tower, at Kilkenny Castle was exhilarating! ‘Moon Woman’ was chosen by Jean O’Brien, to be part of this year’s Kilkenny Broadsheet and I got to perform at the launch on August 16th. So many people came up to talk to me afterwards, with a ‘Congratulations!’ or ‘I…

  • Moon Woman – Poem Extract

    Moon Woman – Poem Extract

    Today, I will be reading my poem, ‘Moon Woman’ at the launch of this year’s Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet, taking place at Kilkenny Castle, as part of Kilkenny Arts Festival.  Considering the poem is of great personal significance, I wanted to mark the occasion with a blog post and an explanation as to how this poem…

  • Running on Shadows – Spoken Word Poem

    Running on Shadows – Spoken Word Poem

    This moss is her island, its dewy green lends spring to her take off. She’s running on shadows.

  • Sustenance – Spoken Word Poem

    Sustenance – Spoken Word Poem

    At a time when food meant skin with folds, I hungered for all things sweet: iced buns, custard, marzipan fruit . . .

  • Russian Doll – Motherhood Poem

    Russian Doll – Motherhood Poem

    We’re sacrificing a Russian Doll, my husband says and I see her waist, the curve defining head and body – a body of coal.

  • My Poem – Milk – in New Welsh Review

    My Poem – Milk – in New Welsh Review

    As a teenager who dabbled in writing when no one was looking, I had a copy of The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook and picked out three top Welsh journals: New Welsh Review, Poetry Wales and Planet. I bought copies of these journals, flicked through them, a little hopelessly, then placed them on a bookshelf to…

  • Black Rabbit – A Poem for Easter

    Black Rabbit – A Poem for Easter

    I remember the black rabbit sat on a throne of hill, the gold-specked, green slide down to the road, where we stopped cars to wait for his shadow.

  • Blossom – Spring Poem

    Blossom – Spring Poem

    ‘Blossom’ is a poem for spring and its flyaway beauty. I was inspired to write it after reading a number of spring poems online, including Billy Collins’ ‘Today’, which I shared on Twitter. Although I have written about rain-drenched and sun-proud summers, flaring autumns and sparkling white winters, spring has been somewhat neglected . .…

  • Toffee Apple Fair – Childhood Poem

    Toffee Apple Fair – Childhood Poem

    Candyfloss was the obvious choice, but I was no obvious child. I was as mild as the mown down grass in the school grounds where my legs tanned.