Last Minute Christmas!

It’s nearly Christmas!  Cue demented ‘Slade’ like roar (indicating blind panic).  You see, I’m having trouble prioritising at the moment.  I’ve got a Christmas list and a Writing list.  For the past few weeks Writing has been winning but in two days time Christmas will have to take over.  If it doesn’t all the presents I’ve bought will remain unwrapped and I’ll have to pretend it’s some kind of cool minimalist statement.

The thing is, I love Christmas and that’s why I’ve been racing to finish my festive offering: (referred to in previous posts)  ‘Rewriting Christmas’.  At this stage if just one person reads it over the Christmas holidays I will be happy.  Of course if more than one person reads it I’ll be extra happy 😉

I’m also launching another book today called ‘Teachers in Love’.  It’s a lighthearted romance about taking chances and tells the tale of ‘Two Teachers, one baby-faced, the other grey haired and earnest, both looking for something more than a steady career.  But making that emotional leap is more difficult than it appears  . . .

That bit in italics is taken from just inside the cover.  It’s an extra hook in addition to the back cover blurb, at least I hope it’s a hook, lol!  I absolutely love the cover for this book.  Hubs came up with the idea which is very simple but effective: a hand drawn heart and arrow on a blackboard style background.

Both new books will be available to buy from the shop later today so remember a book is not just for Christmas!  There are 365 days to fill in 2012 and what better way to fill them than by reading something new?  Imagine that: a world where every day was spent reading . . . nothing would ever get done!  So as I turn to my Christmas task list and spend time with my family I wish you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to regaling you with more bookish titbits and random anecdotes very soon.



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