Christenings, Weddings and a Special Anniversary

Finding the perfect wedding shawl.

Christenings and Weddings – two of the purest, most joyous occasions we celebrate.  How lucky am I to have a christening to attend this Saturday and a wedding to go to in two weeks time?  Very lucky, but slightly tortured by multiple fashion dilemmas . . .

Finding the perfect wedding shawl.
Matching colours and styles within an outfit can be tricky!

Firstly, what does one wear to a christening?  I was feeling quite relaxed about it all, thinking I would choose between a blue and gold dress and an LBD with a hint of sparkle.  Nobody will be looking at me, I thought.  Now, it turns out I will be doing the reading and suddenly my outfit has taken on great significance.  Saying that, I won’t be going shopping for a new one as I’m completely worn out by the eternal search for the perfect ‘wedding shawl’.

The search began last weekend as Hubs headed to a local Maker Space meeting and I embarked on a trawl of Waterford city shops.  It wasn’t long before I found a possible candidate in the Oasis section of Debenhams.  It was a long scarf that could be draped over the shoulders.  The floral pattern carried shades of dark blue and nude, which would compliment my dress, shoes and handbag, respectively.  Most importantly, the scarf featured a smattering of sequins, which always makes an outfit, in my opinion!

However, I did feel the scarf was a little on the expensive side and wondered if the dark blue might be a shade too light when compared to my dress, which is, in fact, navy.  So, I have filed the scarf away into my mind’s eye for future reference, if need be.  Meanwhile, the search continues . . . I’m open to other options, such as: shrugs, wraps or jackets but to be quite honest, none of them seem to be presenting themselves, even though this must be the time of year for it.  I mean, shouldn’t the shops be full of wedding attire and accessories?  It’s a bit of a mystery.

Ah well, I suppose I’ll have to content myself with the fact that I have a dress.  Lacking one necessary item just means a few extra shopping trips!  Hubs and I are planning another day trip to Cork next week.  Today is our fourth wedding anniversary, so it will be our way of celebrating.  I want to introduce Hubs to the delights of The English Market and am looking forward to a reunion with ‘that’ Mars Bar Cheese Cake of a year ago.  Click the link and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Meanwhile, it’s back to the novel and my newspaper page. There’s no peace for a writer, even when special occasions beckon!

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