A Phase of Wonder

I was trying to think of subject matter for this post and decided I would write about my beautiful daughter. She has become so interactive and I’m constantly surprised by things she says and does.

At just 15 months old, she has picked up a couple of phrases: ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘Why is that?’  She also uses a range of single words such as ‘Hi’, ‘Bye’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. ‘Duck’ and ‘Bath’ have also recently joined her repertoire. She loves shouting ‘Bye, Dad!’ to my husband, any time he walks out of a door ahead of us and likes to greet and say her farewells to shoppers and shopkeepers alike.

She is so warm and friendly, her mood is catching. I find myself smiling at her when we’re eating a meal, when I’m on the phone and she wants to join in the conversation, when she’s in her cot with a cuddly toy on her head . . .

It has become part of our routine to have cuddles in the mornings before breakfast. We watch a bit of children’s TV and she holds onto my hand. She’s not the snuggliest of babies, but for ten minutes or so, we enjoy this bonding time.

As for walking, she has begun to pull herself into a half-standing position, using her chair.  She is a tall child, so has quite far to fall.  This development area is going to require steady nerves!

One of my daughter’s favourite activities is going for a ride on her trike. She literally ‘beams’ and likes to be pushed very fast – fast enough to inspire a loud ‘WHEEEEE!’

Happily, the recent weather has allowed us to get out and about a bit more and I’m especially looking forward to the summer. Surely we will get the chance to enjoy a few beach days?

Meanwhile, I find my daughter’s constant presence and progress is filtering into my writing. I keep thinking about my own childhood and that capacity for sheer joy – the delight in being outside with my friends, in being with my family.

I completed the poem: ‘Daisy-Chained Summers’ last month and think it may be one of those poems that doesn’t need too much tweaking. By contrast, I have around three poems that contain a lot of potential but will need time to settle and should probably be set aside for a while. It’s exciting to think that my writing has so many different avenues to explore, as my husband and I accompany my daughter in this new life phase. A phase of wonder.

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