A Sunday Afternoon at Swansea’s Plantasia

Lilac flower at Swansea's Plantasia.

On a recent visit to my home town of Swansea, I tried to think of something a bit different to do.  My husband and I were meeting a friend and the options were slightly limited, due to my pregnancy and the fact that I’ve been getting some pain on my right side.  Suddenly, I remembered Plantasia in Parc Tawe – it’s got insects, fish and animals, as well as lots of greenery and exotic blooms, doesn’t take too long to walk around and also has a coffee shop.

Lilac flower at Swansea's Plantasia.
Some very artistic photography from the camera of George Moore. I love the way he’s captured the delicate nature and soft lilac shade of this flower!

Happily, my friend agreed to the suggestion and we all enjoyed staring into the murky depths of tanks containing god-knows-what.  Ok, so I can confirm they contained stick insects, giant cockroaches and piranhas, to name but a few species.  The cutest sighting was a group of terrapin, playing piggy-back.

We headed on to the large fish pond.  As soon as the fish caught sight of us, they swam in our direction, enmass, with gaping mouths, which was a little disconcerting.  Turns out, they weren’t looking to nibble our fingers or toes – they are used to being fed by the public, as fish-food is readily available through a nearby dispenser, phew!

Fish at Swansea's Plantasia.
Some very hungry looking fish! Photograph: K. S. Moore.

A new feature at Plantasia is the rainforest hut, where you can turn your hand to playing an instrument, such as a drum or horn, or you can just sit down and enjoy the atmosphere!  Hubs and I also braved the bird enclosure, where birds, such as love birds and parakeets are free to fly around.  Unfortunately, one made a sudden move, just as I was taking a picture, so it turned out to be just a blur.

Afterwards, we enjoyed slush puppies and chat, followed by a bar meal, even though Hubs and I had already eaten a big roast dinner with my parents!  I sensibly opted for a cheese and tomato toastie with salad, although I did order a Raspberry Mocktail!  I generally haven’t been drinking much alcohol over the last few years, but since I got pregnant, I do keep thinking about all the drinks I’m missing out on, so the mocktail fooled me into feeling a little indulged!

It was great to catch up with our friend, and I would heartily recommend the healthy mix of Plantasia, plus, Raspberry Mocktail, to any other expectant mothers out there, who happen to be in the Swansea area!

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