A Mini May Summer

Ok, so our river wasn't chocolate. You can't have everything!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with the sun.  It’s heat I have trouble with and here are five reasons why:

  1. I have no summer wardrobe.
  2. I have hayfever.
  3. I don’t have a swimming pool.
  4. I burn and don’t tan.
  5. Long hair and icecream don’t mix.

Coping with a heatwave for the lilo-shy:

  1. Seek Shade.
  2. Freeze some Lilt.
  3. Ignore Medical Advice for Hayfever ‘Stay in, close the windows’  It won’t end well!
  4. Wear a peaked cap (the more old-mannish the better).
  5. Drink water, eat salad, eat sorbet (and tie your hair back).

Of course, I’m fully aware that the summer could be over already (hence today’s blog post title).  Already, the sun’s dazzle has been dimmed by a gathering of cloud over the last few days.  So, despite my misgivings about the hot spell last Thursday – Saturday I did get out there, meekly flashing the lily-white lower portion of my legs in a pair of cut off combats.  I even purchased a flimsy light blue dress (although I haven’t been brave enough to wear it yet.  And no, I won’t be using fake tan to get my legs ‘summer ready’.  I don’t favour the ‘streaky bacon’ in a skirt look.

As I was saying, I made the most of the sunshine last week.  Hubs and I are lucky enough to live on the edge of a country estate where, as well as a multitude of pheasants, there are some unspoilt beauty spots including a riverside walk.  We saw a collection of unusual blooms, petals shaped like deep pink crowns while fish danced near the surface of the water.  Whatever way the light had caught them we could see them with incredible clarity.  Continuing on we came across a large moss covered stone and a gushing fountain.  I felt as though the boat from the film ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ could suddenly appear.  I could even hear the curious music: ‘a world of pure imagination.’

Our next sight was a rickety bridge straight out of ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ (I watch a lot of films.)  As hubs stepped onto it I couldn’t help imagining it’s collapse and just hoped there was no Witch Doctor hiding in the bushes!  Luckily, I managed to persuade him to abandon the idea of crossing to the other side, my heart returned to its normal rhythm and we chatted for a while.  That’s the great thing about walking, it encourages coversation, must be the visual stimulation.  We often have our best ideas at times like these, a shame we can’t always remember them!

What I have remembered this week is to put together a ‘writing plan’ for the coming month.  I have so much I want to achieve but really must learn to prioritise!  Have been working on a short story, a few poems and I’m also planning to blog more often so you’ll be hearing more from me on a variety of topics.  Yes, that’s right, I’ll be talking about something other than myself ;).

Picture sourced at: http://www.listal.com/list/im-on-a-boat-kikyo33

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