Swallows and Rabbits, the Story Continues

✿ Swallow ✿ I
A swallow makes himself comfortable, talks about the weather, his travels . . . Well, that’s my best guess!✿ nicolas_gent ✿ / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Swallows and rabbits, oh my!  Yes, I am happy to confirm that the swallows are back and a rabbit has taken up residence in my garden.  I’m delighted, it’s just a pity the weather can’t stay as even-tempered!  Monday brought smiling sunshine and had me struggling to complete my usual walk (particularly the uphill stretch).  Yesterday, the elements threw a complete tantrum, channelling endless rage and relentless gusts.  My poor little cottage has been creaking and quaking against the onslaught.

So, let’s return to Monday, (if only we could).  As I hung out the washing a friendly swallow perched on a wire and chattered.  Hubs joined me moments later and wondered aloud:

“Could that be Stephen?”

If you are a regular reader, you may remember Stephen, the fledgling who fell out of his nest and into our front garden last year.  As we tenderly watched over him, wondering if we should intervene, his parents continued to feed him.  We believe he eventually joined them in a quest for kinder temperatures.

The swallows gathering and lining up for their journey south, always makes a striking tableau.  Last year it went deeper, we felt emotionally connected to Stephen and his family.  It was very hard to say goodbye.

So, it pleases us to think the sociable swallow, who looked to be making conversation a few days ago could be our little visitor, all grown up.  It was remarkable to witness his closeness and staying power, even as we talked to each other and moved about.

And that brings me to our latest garden guest: a rather sizable bunny rabbit!  It’s too late for him to be bringing us any chocolate but we hope he will make himself at home.  We’ve never seen a rabbit in our garden before.  Two hares appeared some years ago, locked in graceful battle, poised to embark on a chase and seek mission . . . I never found out who won.

There’s something about a rabbit that brings out the softer side of wildlife.  There’s the enevitable ‘aaah’ factor, a wistful yearning for childhood and the first time I sat down to read ‘Watership Down‘.  As the link suggests, I have blogged on this topic before, but never this close to home.  Last year I saw rabbits at the side of the road and in my Mother-in-Law’s garden.  Now, we have one of our own.  Let the naming debate begin!

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