Nature Heals – Poetry Reading


When we are held still, let us be held close to all that grows . . .

Welcome to the first episode in a new series of poetry readings.  Each video will feature three poems, written in lockdown and reflecting on solace in nature, inner strength and hope.  The poems will be available to watch here and on YouTube. Here’s ‘Nature Heals’.

Back at the start of lockdown, I had few words and a lot of worries. I started following the daily prompts on Twitter, from Poetry Ireland’s Writer in Residence, Catherine Ann Cullen, and found myself able to write out some of my fears and some of my comforts. My garden took on a new significance with its circles of clover, budding poppies and shade giving trees. 

When the poetry prompt of ‘rain’ was issued, I found myself turning to these features – how they glistened after showers. ‘Welcome to the garden’ also refers to the fact that under coronavirus regulations, gardens had become the place to meet, greet and entertain guests.

Meanwhile, ‘Lichen’ is a poem dedicated to that extraordinary organism. Easily mistaken for a parasite, it has always fascinated me that it is actually a giver of life, a provider of oxygen.  

My third poem, ‘Sky’ was born in the middle of the night, when the only sky I could look to was heavy and dark. My mind brought restless clouds into focus.  Our weather is so changeable, it can be hard to settle into any daily pattern. But there is always that promise of elevation and new views. 

The next episode in my series is called ‘Perspective’ and will explore this concept further.  The video will go live on YouTube next Thursday 17th September, with a blog post to follow – do check back! Meanwhile, stay well in nature.

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