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  • Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Mushroom Cake!

    Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Mushroom Cake!

    It seems we have a friendly grasshopper, content to stretch out on our doorstep and chirp a greeting. Obviously, he doesn’t realise his size puts him in great danger of being stepped on! He’s so relaxed that my husband was able to take a very detailed close up of him.

  • When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    When Swallow Chicks Fledge

    Our swallow chicks have fledged already! It seems they were an early brood. One minute, Hubs and I were gazing up, trying to count the number of feathery faces; the next, we were looking at an empty nest.

  • Summer of the Rabbit

    Summer of the Rabbit

    Well, I think we can safely say the summer is here. Never mind the rain, like last year, we have swallow chicks and baby bunnies residing in our garden. It was Hubs who spotted the first rabbit, darting under our shed.

  • Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Right now, I have a stunning view from my window. The tree across the road is wearing a badge of blossom. It looks like a wedding guest, proud to show off some fresh blooms for the occasion.

  • Swallow Chicks, Big Fish and Orange Berries

    Swallow Chicks, Big Fish and Orange Berries

    If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have heard me mention my new family of three – the swallow chicks! Ok, so they’re not quite mine, but as their nest is situated just a few feet from my door I have adopted the ‘watchful aunty’ role and I think we’re beginning to…

  • Alive and Spiky! A Hedgehog Calls

    Alive and Spiky! A Hedgehog Calls

    Imagine the scene. My husband cheerfully mowing the lawn, when a sudden movement catches his eye. Is it a rat, a mouse with a mohawk? No, it’s a hedgehog. Cue, sigh of relief!

  • Rabbit Family Values

    Rabbit Family Values

    A rabbit family have moved into my garden. Talk about Watership Down, it’s Watership overflowing out there! Firstly, Hubs and I spotted a large rabbit, then a medium sized one, then a baby and finally two babies . . . I know, it sounds like the rabbit version of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears.

  • The Story of Our Baby Swallow

    The Story of Our Baby Swallow

    We found a swallow in our garden last week, a baby swallow or fledgling. I’m not so sure he was ready to fledge but he found himself out of the nest all the same. Watching him flap his wings and cooing over his downy head (well, I cooed) we found ourselves arguing over what to…