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  • Valentine’s Day Poetry

    Valentine’s Day is nearly here! I don’t usually get this excited about it, but this year, my husband and are planning a trip to the Cork Spring Poetry Festival.

  • 2013 Revisited, 2014 Just Begun

    2013 Revisited, 2014 Just Begun

    It’s natural, when entering a new year, to look back at the previous twelve months and I must say, 2013 was a very positive year for me.

  • Tripping the Welsh Fantastic in Swansea

    My long awaited trip home to Swansea has passed in a whirl of catch ups, crepes, milkshakes, coffees, dinners and birthday cake. The food highlights also included a famous Joe’s Icecream! But more of that later . . . It all began with Marilyn Monroe Ave.

  • Still Distracted, Still Christmas Shopping

    Having given you an insight into my Christmas shopping habits last year, I feel compelled to revisit the topic. I can confirm that I am still distracted by anything shiny but I have stayed clear of DIY shops this year.

  • One Wedding, One Day-Trip, One Olympic Ceremony

    One Wedding, One Day-Trip, One Olympic Ceremony

    I’m just back from a trip home to Wales where I attended the wedding of a close friend, took a day-trip to Hay-on-Wye and experienced ‘spectating gold’ by watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony!

  • When Heels and Nature Collide

    When Heels and Nature Collide

    Imagine . . . me in a red dress and heels tottering along the gravelly path towards one of Ireland’s most stunning, unspoiled tourist attractions: Mahon Falls.  Yes, I know I was dressed inappropriately, I was having a smart day ok?  I have those sometimes . . .at the wrong times, obviously. Anyway, it was…