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  • Nature Heals – Poetry Reading

    Nature Heals – Poetry Reading

    When we are held still, let us be held close to all that grows . . .

  • Sea-felled Fruits – Micropoem

    Sea-felled Fruits – Micropoem

    Sea-felled fruits holding ever afters . . .

  • Your Way – Motherhood Poem

    Your Way – Motherhood Poem

    The poem, ‘Your Way’ was written from observations of my children at the toddling stage.  This time of new steps, new sensations and first falls can be both uplifting and overwhelming for parent and child, but that overriding sense of wonder and discovery is truly magical, if you take a moment to find the right…

  • Shiver – Storm Poem

    Shiver – Storm Poem

    The wind soothsays in the key of G, sighing, I match my tone to his. In our duet I hold out strong, harmonise . . .

  • Paths – Poetry of Seasons

    ‘Paths’ is a poem about that crossover time between autumn and winter; for me, characterised by falling yellow leaves and the appearance of chestnuts underfoot.  For the first 6 years of my life in Ireland, I lived beside one of the gates into Curraghmore Estate, (the historical house and grounds belonging to the Marquis of…

  • Sky Spirit – Micropoetry

    Sky Spirit – Micropoetry

    Sky Spirit is a piece of micropoetry about the ghostly, magical effect dew can have on dandelion clocks and grass.  It aims to capture a line of communication extended by nature.  I wrote it some years ago and have given it a little polish for a new audience. Enjoy! Sky Spirit Micropoetry It could have…

  • Flash Fiction: Maple Leaf

    Flash Fiction: Maple Leaf

    The maple leaf stops them. Its veiny palm invites examination, as peach and pale green cross shades. Autumn does this to maple leaves; scorns their attempts to cling onto their tree of birth, strikes them down, flattens their flame. And then, somebody finds the leaf, finds charm in its crown-like edges, its slight resemblance to…

  • Poetry – Heron

    Poetry – Heron

    A solitary heron, silver-grey, his stature great, resides within the river village, old man hunched and scouring.

  • Poetry – Pebbles

    Poetry – Pebbles

    Tricoloured pebbles, the sand stepping-stones of a shuffling huddle, or shifting land – a clinking crowd at ground.