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  • New Year, New Poems

    New Year, New Poems

    I’ve been working on some poetry, lately. I know this isn’t a startling revelation, but I’m quite pleased with how these particular poems are shaping up. One was inspired by the memory of my first scan in pregnancy. I was struck by the sonographer’s words ‘everything you see on the screen is bone . .…

  • Walks by Water – Two Poems

    Walks by Water – Two Poems

    The Shore A shot of sea spills its gut, deep music.

  • Performing Poetry, Chasing Spiders

    Performing Poetry, Chasing Spiders

    I was performing poetry at Brewery Lane, Carrick-on-Suir last Friday. I was also battling a severe case of stage fright. Back when I ran a small publishing company called ‘Young Welsh and Poetic’, I read poetry regularly, for the most part at my own events, on my own terms.

  • All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    All Ireland Poetry Day: Summer Broom by K. S. Moore

    I decided I had to post a poem in honour of All Ireland Poetry Day. The choice was easy as I’ve been looking back at Summer, feeling the familiar relief that it’s over and Autumn, in all its fiery brilliance is gaining prominence.

  • Summer Watch: The Pine Marten Masquerade

    Summer Watch: The Pine Marten Masquerade

    When I was watching Springwatch a month ago little did I know that I would be one of the lucky few to spot a Pine Marten. The animal was featured on the programme and named as a rare and endangered species.

  • A Mini May Summer

    A Mini May Summer

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with the sun.  It’s heat I have trouble with and here are five reasons why: I have no summer wardrobe. I have hayfever. I don’t have a swimming pool. I burn and don’t tan. Long hair and icecream don’t mix. Coping with a heatwave for the lilo-shy:…

  • Between a Rock and an eBook

    Between a Rock and an eBook

    I’m very proud of myself this week, having simultaneously published an ebook and walked across rocks.  Now, ‘walking across’ may not sound as impressive as climbing but believe me there was some risk involved and it was to my life!  Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration but these were hardcore rocks and slippery to…

  • Heart to Heart

    Heart to Heart

    Apparently the Valentines gift you buy for your other half depends on the stage your relationship is at.  If you’ve just met gifts may be completely inappropriate.  If you’ve been together a few months a card and a small gift are recommended.  Beyond this stage I’m sorry to say I do not know the protocol…