Flash Fiction: The Crowd

The crowd surge forward. They all wear blue. Despite the uniformity, I pick out faces. Each expression is unique. I focus on a young man – his brown eyes are round and expectant. His childish complexion gives him a glow. I don’t want to see him dashed.

A Writing Whirlwind

I feel like I’m caught up in a writing whirlwind at the moment. Lots of words are swirling around me – some, taking the form of poems, some, stories and many, (although sometimes it feels like not enough) are combining to take the shape of a novel.

Editing, Character Sketching & Workshop News

I’m in the middle of editing two pieces of work that I feel have a lot of potential. The first piece is a short story, set against a flourishing landscape. I falteringly call it a love story, but it’s primarily about self discovery and challenge.

Heart Strings Extract for Valentines Day

I decided to post this romantic extract from my short story collection: Heart Strings, in honour of Valentines Day. ‘Teachers in Love’ is a love story (obviously) and the one part of the collection which fits that genre completely.

Story Wise Creative Writing Workshop

The Story Wise Creative Writing Workshop is back! This time, taking place in Clonmel and Dungarvan, offering people the chance to learn to write a short story in a day!

Extract from Rewriting Christmas, a festive tale which appears in the collection: Heart Strings by K. S. Moore

Heart Strings Extract: Rewriting Christmas, a Festive Tale

In festive tale: ‘Rewriting Christmas’, a cynical writer (Bill) battles with his publisher and self appointed publicist Teri. Teri cracks the whip from behind a polished facade of vanilla lipgloss, spicy perfume and empty air kisses.

Extract from The Move, a Short Story from the collection: Heart Strings by K. S. Moore

Heart Strings Extract: The Move

‘The Move’ is about a bitter rivalry, brewing between two residents in a small Irish Town. Having lived in London for ten years, Tina has returned home to live in a remote cottage, left to her by a great Aunt.

Heart Strings Extract: Roadtrip

Heart Strings Extract: Roadtrip

This Romantic Adventure completely reflects my love of the beach. I grew up near the sea and would often head down to the water’s edge when I needed some thinking time. ‘Roadtrip’ is about taking that time out with a best friend and discovering that the relationship may be deeper than first thought.

Extract from Magic and the Modern Witch, a short story from the collection: Heart Strings.

Heart Strings Extract: Magic and the Modern Witch

Magic and the Modern Witch was inspired by childhood memories of ‘Clyne Gardens’ a park situated just minutes from my home. My elder sister used to make up stories about the various buildings within the park.

China Gingerbread House, decorated with sweets, a heart over the frontdoor and a resident Gingerbread Man.

The Gingerbread House and Scotch Egg Story

You know you’ve had a successful shopping trip when you return home with a Gingerbread house and a packet of Scotch Eggs. Yes, I’m easily pleased, not for me the finery and luxury of a silk blouse or the exquisite tailoring of an expensive wrap dress.

Cinderella is measured for a ballgown by her Fairy Godmother in a scene from Disney's Cinderella.

The Godmother and Creative Writing Guru

I became a Godmother recently and began teaching a Creative Writing Class, hence the completely over the top Blog Post title. My husband actually suggested I call myself a Creative Writing Guru. I just giggled. For some reason the word Guru conjurs up visions of a floaty, pashmina clad me.

Dinner Scene from 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.'

The Short Story Sequel and Me

Sequels are always a challenge because they have something to live up to. A short story sequel is no exception. The reader expects the original characters to appeal to them in the same way as they did previously. They also expect them to have grown.

Story Wise: A Short Story Workshop

It’s official! I’m branching out into Creative Writing tuition starting with a Short Story Workshop. For those of you still humming and hawing about whether to book a place here are a few ‘Story Wise’ secrets to give you a flavour of the workshop . . .

Last Minute Christmas!

It’s nearly Christmas!  Cue demented ‘Slade’ like roar (indicating blind panic).  You see, I’m having trouble prioritising at the moment.  I’ve got …