Tag: Spring

  • Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Blossom, Bird Fights and Bumblebees

    Right now, I have a stunning view from my window. The tree across the road is wearing a badge of blossom. It looks like a wedding guest, proud to show off some fresh blooms for the occasion.

  • The Fearless Mistle Thrush

    The Fearless Mistle Thrush

    The mistle thrush is a proud character, who first came to my attention last spring. He is back again this year and hard to miss.

  • A Gathering of Birds

    A Gathering of Birds

    I’ve noticed a gathering of birds in my garden, lately. Not a menacing gathering, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘The Birds’, but a bright, babbling chorus of goldfinch, chaffinch, blackbird, wagtail and swallow.

  • April Shimmers

    April Shimmers

    A flash drive masquerading as a silver glittery locket – my find of the week.  It’s nerdy, yet pretty, back up and bling up.  And if you’re not into shiny tat but still want to preserve your files there’s a choice!  For the healthy eaters: a watermelon slice, for the animal lovers: a rabbit, for…