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  • Autumn – a Thrilling Change

    Autumn – a Thrilling Change

    A thrilling change is coming over my garden. It’s called Autumn. The first orange leaf has fluttered from tree – emphasised by the brooding staying power of a neighbouring cedar. Green is still the dominant colour, but individual leaf-blazes shout from the middle of branches.

  • Book-Browsing in Hay-on-Wye

    Book-Browsing in Hay-on-Wye

    My husband and I don’t seem to be able to visit Wales without dedicating a day to Hay-on-Wye and all its beautiful bookshops! This time, myself and ‘bump’ prepared ourselves for much walking and browsing, with the blessed relief of comfy reading chairs along the way . . .

  • May Day and The Hokey-Cokey

    May Day and The Hokey-Cokey

        I’ve discovered a great antidote to this miserable weather. It’s singing a ludicrous song at the top of your voice. An example of how this works: I was driving back from a Customer Service class yesterday, scowling at the rain and muttering. I had to find a distraction to my imminent madness. I…

  • St Pats and the Grandslam Prayer

    St Pats and the Grandslam Prayer

    First Aid is not in my good books right now. Firstly, Saturday’s class caused me to miss Wales v Italy and a gorgeous sunny day (which could have been spent on a nature walk). Secondly, it’s too hard! I know I need to get my head down and revise but I am really quaking at…

  • War of the Celtic Worlds

    War of the Celtic Worlds

    A friendly tussle between the nations . . .                 Last weekend was tricky.  It was a rugby weekend which was a positive.  My husband and I both love rugby so it was a time to be united you might say . . . except that we were…