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  • Walks by Water – Two Poems

    Walks by Water – Two Poems

    The Shore A shot of sea spills its gut, deep music.

  • Nature Walk: The Lamb Stampede

    Nature Walk: The Lamb Stampede

      Did you know that lambs can stampede? Neither did I until I went for a nature walk the other day and found myself observing the kind of mad antics usually displayed by a group of over excited children. And before you ask, no I didn’t run away. There was a fence between them and…

  • A Mini May Summer

    A Mini May Summer

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with the sun.  It’s heat I have trouble with and here are five reasons why: I have no summer wardrobe. I have hayfever. I don’t have a swimming pool. I burn and don’t tan. Long hair and icecream don’t mix. Coping with a heatwave for the lilo-shy:…

  • When Heels and Nature Collide

    When Heels and Nature Collide

    Imagine . . . me in a red dress and heels tottering along the gravelly path towards one of Ireland’s most stunning, unspoiled tourist attractions: Mahon Falls.  Yes, I know I was dressed inappropriately, I was having a smart day ok?  I have those sometimes . . .at the wrong times, obviously. Anyway, it was…

  • April Shimmers

    April Shimmers

    A flash drive masquerading as a silver glittery locket – my find of the week.  It’s nerdy, yet pretty, back up and bling up.  And if you’re not into shiny tat but still want to preserve your files there’s a choice!  For the healthy eaters: a watermelon slice, for the animal lovers: a rabbit, for…

  • Between a Rock and an eBook

    Between a Rock and an eBook

    I’m very proud of myself this week, having simultaneously published an ebook and walked across rocks.  Now, ‘walking across’ may not sound as impressive as climbing but believe me there was some risk involved and it was to my life!  Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration but these were hardcore rocks and slippery to…

  • Sense and the Scaredy Cat Reflex

    Sense and the Scaredy Cat Reflex

    I stood in a shop on Saturday debating the opposing merits of summer florals and body warmers.  On reflection I can’t believe how agonising the decision to buy something has become.  In the past I made purchases with wild abandon thinking ‘I deserve this.’  These days I still think I deserve it I just don’t…