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Write Club Continues

My new project, ‘Write Club’ continues to grow, as the third meeting took place last Saturday, at Waterford Central Library. The people who attended were full of positivity and passion for writing, which leant the session a definite energy. The atmosphere also seemed very relaxed, suggesting that people are settling in and beginning to enjoy this opportunity to meet with fellow writers, to work in a space away from home, and to receive support and encouragement.

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Write Club – a Force for Good Writing

At the weekend, I hosted the first meeting of a new group called ‘Write Club’. The group was formed from a small gathering of writers I have met at events / workshops or have chatted to on social media. The idea of ‘Write Club’ has been floating around my head for some time. I occasionally hold workshops and have noticed the huge difference just getting out of the house can make to general levels of productivity. I always bring a notepad myself and notice that my mind clears, allowing me to write very freely.