Write Club

Write Club is a new writers’ group facilitated by K. S. Moore.  The group meets in Waterford each month and offers the chance for writers to get together and enjoy writing time in each others’ company.  Participants are welcome to read from their work / ask for feedback, but there is no pressure to do so.  Writers are also encouraged to share tips on overcoming common problems.

If you are wondering if the group might suit you, try asking yourself the following questions:

Am I passionate about writing?
Do I have a positive attitude?
Do I enjoy spending time with other writers?
Am I willing to listen to other writers and respect their work?
Would I benefit from support and enjoy giving support to others?
Am I happy to share my work and / or some writing tips?
Do I need extra time and space for my writing?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, then Write Club could be the right choice for you!  Please get in touch, via the contact form, for more details.