A Poem for National Poetry Day

Leafy path.

Happy National Poetry Day, everyone!  If you didn’t know, it’s that’s special day in the UK when poetry takes centre stage, and this year the theme is ‘change’.  As I’m always up for celebrating poetry, I thought I would post a new poem from my pamphlet in the making, ‘Eggshell Flesh’.  ‘I Have Time’ is a journey from being part of a couple, to becoming a family, and concludes by focusing on the intensely personal pathway of a new mother who needs to find the sunlight again.

Having children has been the biggest change of my life so far.  In those early days of motherhood I often didn’t feel good enough to take care of my precious charge and doubted myself to my very core.  I looked backwards, felt trapped and alone.  I didn’t know myself.  Poetry helped me move towards a positive transformation and now I am proud to share my words with my beautiful girls.  Poetry is change.

I Have Time

A Poem for National Poetry Day


The floral fade of a battered couch,
background to the fiercest moment,
when I was happy to
feel your skin warm my skin.


Winter sun calls me to play.
I can’t,
the baby needs me.


A herd of trees,
houses on hills,
staring through panes,
they can see my strength.

I’ve taken my seconds,
stamped them
on this road forward.

I have time.

K. S. Moore

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