Blossom – Spring Poem

Cherry Blossom

‘Blossom’ is a poem for spring and its flyaway beauty. I was inspired to write it after reading a number of spring poems online, including Billy Collins’ ‘Today’, which I shared on Twitter. Although I have written about rain-drenched and sun-proud summers, flaring autumns and sparkling white winters, spring has been somewhat neglected . . . until now.

One of my favourite apparitions of the season is blossom, particularly the delicate pink kind that reminds me of confetti or paper snowflakes. I hope this poem will help to preserve the lifespan of the petals for a little longer than usual.


Spring Poem

A paper snowflake,
marshmallow dipped,
would stand at the helm
of a bridesmaid tree,
direct its windblown to

flutter, as you
have fluttered
to path, gather
at feet. Throwaway

exist, full-bloom
for a matter of days,
stowaway thoughts

K. S. Moore

Photo by stanzebla on / CC BY-SA

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