Figure of Night – Poetry for Halloween

Figure Of Night

It’s habit to sleep on my right side,
face the door, face the fear.

There is no figure of night
pieced together from
patches of dark room,
scrambled light of a blink.

There is breath, internal shame.
I should be able to do this,
sleep, dream, wake.

They say time heals, but
what if the hands don’t tick?
They hold you down.

K. S. Moore

When I was a child and the light was off in my room, I imagined that a man was walking towards me, from the door, right up to my bed.  The man was made from a combination of dark and those tiny particles of light, that your eyes hold on to, even when closed.

It’s fascinating , if a little terrifying, that the mind can have that kind of power over its keeper, and we’re not immune to this effect as adults.  Of course, some people find it a thrill to be scared, and there is certainly fun to be had at a certain level of spookiness – the kind that is often celebrated at Halloween.  So, enjoy the rest of the day and stay scary, rather than scared.

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