Ghost Writer ebook Launch!

Beth always thought she wanted ‘dark and mysterious.’ Now she’s not so sure . . .

It’s true, my first ebook is live and available to buy from Amazon!  ‘Live’ seems a bit of a contradiction in terms considering the title but I’m sure the ghost won’t complain!  He will probably just be grateful for the chance to have a platform from which to spook people with 😉 .  I wonder if there is such a thing as an eghost? Anyway, aside from my paranormally themed ramblings .  .  . I’m so excited!

This is all very new for me and having slogged at printing and binding books myself it’s quite refreshing, zero paper and yet a new version of my book exists.  It’s like magic.  All I need now is for someone to take a chance on the magic and download the book to their kindle. Actually I need more than one person . . . I need lots of bold chance-taking readers.  So be brave people and don’t forget you can ‘like’ the book on Amazon or leave a positive review.  Note the word ‘positive’ although I’ll settle for honest and fair 🙂

Now that I’ve taken my first step into the e-publishing world with ‘Ghost Writer’ I’m thinking I will definitely continue exploring and launch all my other short stories currently available from my shop (in paper form) as ebooks.  So stay tuned for further developments. . . Meanwhile, here’s the link to ‘Ghost Writer’

Don’t forget my new sample series continues this Thursday so why not stop by for a taste of the K. S. Moore writing style?  Who knows, if you catch me in the right mood I may even regale you with tales of my rock climbing (or should that be rock traversing?) activities over the weekend!

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