Halloween Micropoetry Mix

Welcome to my Halloween micropoetry mix.  I’ve got ghosts, a crow’s wing and a pumpkin, just waiting to be made into a menacing, luminous face . . .

Halloween Micropoetry Mix by K. S. Moore.Hubs and I have really got into the Halloween spirit this year.  We bought a pumpkin and Hubs carved him a suitably terrifying expression.  Afterwards, we set him up in our front window.  As we don’t have many neighbours, few people will get the benefit of his spooky stare, but hey . . . he might cheer us up in the midst of all this wind and rain.

Traditionally, I’ve never celebrated Halloween on a grand scale.  My birthday happens to follow, a few days later and that always seemed much more exciting!  However, I did enjoy bringing my jacko-lantern to school and remember dressing up as a witch on a few occasions and also a monster, ( I think the costume merely consisted of a green mask, a black jumper and trousers)!

Trick or Treating was not a favourite pastime of mine.  The neighbours didn’t seem happy to see me and my cousin, and / or friends, slouching on the doorstep, too unsure to attempt a ‘boo’, muttering a muted ‘trick or treat’.  They were probably worried that we would cover them in silly-string or custard pie spray.  Now that I’m an adult, I know the feeling.

But Halloween is a great excuse for a party and I must say I have been impressed by the range of decorations in the shops.  I may not be rushing out to buy a motion-sensitive skeleton but I have purchased a toffee apple cake.  I may even concoct a potion or two . . . witches brew anyone?  Maybe I’ll just stick to tea . . .





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