Extract from The Move, a Short Story from the collection: Heart Strings by K. S. Moore
Pub Scene from ‘The Move’. Shona is dismayed to find arch rival: Tina, sitting on her barstool, flirting with the object of her affection.

‘The Move’ is about a bitter rivalry, brewing between two residents in a small Irish Town.  Having lived in London for ten years, Tina has returned home to live in a remote cottage, left to her by a great Aunt.  Meanwhile, Shona has lived all her life within the confines of Stone Lee.  She’s just moved out of the parental home and is now living in a flat with her young idealistic sister, Avril.  She’s facing up to the responsibilites of adult life whilst Tina sashays into the picture, seemingly full of confidence and catching the eye of local heart throb: Fintan O’Neill.

The story was inspired by my own move from Wales to the Irish countryside.  I thought it would be interesting to show the contrasting life choices of two girls from the same area.  They are very different characters and when their paths begin to cross on a regular basis, the sparks enevitably fly!  I also considered how this kind of tension could impact on the community as a whole and plan to explore this further in a new project.




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