Micropoetry Medley by K. S. Moore

Three micropoems written by K. S. Moore.

I wrote a lot of micropoetry in the early part of Summer.  I shared the poems on Twitter and Facebook, but thought it would be nice to gather them somewhere a bit more permanent.  I’ve organised these five poems according to place.  The first three were written in my garden, which is often full of wildlife and inspiring sights.

Three micropoems written by K. S. Moore.
My garden is very green and grassy. It attracts lots of small creatures and can be a wonderful place to sit and contemplate nature.

The next two poems were written during an evening visit to Mahon Falls.  Mahon Falls is one of my favourite places, I always feel very peaceful there.  On this occasion, Hubs and I were taken aback to discover an abandoned car.

Two micropoems written at Mahon Falls, by K. S. Moore.
Mahon Falls never fails to capture my imagination. I love that high up feeling and the invitation extended by the pathway to the falls themselves , , ,

Yesterday, I realised that I hadn’t written any micropoetry for a while, and it seems a shame.  I must find that headspace again!  Sometimes it just means switching on and zoning in on small details while walking or admiring a view.

Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed reading this small collection of micropoems.  I would love to hear some feedback, so don’t be shy!

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