My e book Journey Begins

So, I survived Blue Monday and have emerged to face Trying Tuesday, a little ruffled, slightly scratched, bruised and battle scarred . . . Actually, my muscles just ache from pushing four children on the swings at once!  As some of you may know I’m currently on work placement at a pre-school and it’s surprising how tiring working with children can be.  It’s also a very joyful area to be involved in and a great antidote to misery.

A walk on the beach the previous day also set me up to sail gloriously through Blue Monday, laughing at it’s threatened gloom.  Now I need to focus on and I’m thinking the next step is to take the plunge into the world of ebooks.  I’m going to start by converting the first short story I ever published (back in 2008)  ‘Ghost Writer’.  It’s an atmospheric tale of two penfriends separated by the Irish sea, united by one brave step and threatened by a family ghost. The book is currently available from the shop in hard copy alongside four other short stories and three poetry collections.  I’m planning to convert all of the short stories eventually and am very excited about reaching a new audience for these books 🙂

‘Ghost Writer’ will be a good one to start off with as I’ve since written a prequel called ‘Brotherly Spirit’ (due for launch later this year).  An ebook version available for a reasonable price should win main characters: Beth and Benedict some new fans and I’m hoping people will want to read both books.  If you’re worried about the degree of creepiness i.e. will it be disturbing or just a little spooky I can inform you that I always try to avoid the truly terrifying as I am in essence a big wuss.  However, I have striven to create intense, haunted characters and a shadowy background.  One of my readers described ‘Ghost Writer’ as being a bit ‘Wuthering Heights’ which I took to be a massive compliment.  Depends what you’re into I suppose.

Anyway, I’m going to head off to Amazon to look up how to convert my first book.  I’ve already had a nose on the site and it seems pretty straightforward.  Fingers crossed, there will be no technical hitches and the whole process will be relatively painless.  Wish me luck . . .



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