Tree Sisters – Nature Poem for National Poetry Day

Happy National Poetry Day, everyone!  I’m celebrating with the release of my nature poem: Tree Sisters.  It’s the first time this poem has appeared online.

Tree Sisters

Nature Poem

The trees, in a family crowd, on the hill,
are short and balanced on haunches.
One, a jolly fir, an elder sister
filled with maternal instinct,
yearns to see her needles knit,
green fever further her trembling belly.

Her vain proud-headed companion
is ruffled from rampant
encounters with the wind.
Her perm is a fuzzy fly whisper,
she is a moss-soft leafy glamour puss.

The youngest, her hair, fair emerald and amber,
is solemn, trusting, unsure of her role,
a dreamer, a tree that would love to be climbed,
christened home by a young explorer.

Together they bunch and squat and stare
defiantly through the seasons,
send their leaves autumnal class,
yellow, scarlet, parched.

K. S. Moore

The poem is inspired by the view from my childhood home.  There are three trees of varying shapes and sizes on the hill,  but they stand in a line giving them a united feel.  For some reason, they remind me of sisters, perhaps because I have two sisters.  Saying that, I also have a brother . . .

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Photo by K. S. Moore.

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