Happy National Poetry Day, everyone!  I’m celebrating with the release of my poem: Tree Sisters.  It’s the first time the poem has appeared online, although it has been published in my third poetry collection: ‘Landscapes and Hearts‘.

Tree Sisters, a poem by K. S. MooreThe poem is based on the view from my childhood home.  There are three trees of varying shapes and sizes on the hill,  but they stand in a line giving them a united feel.  For some reason, they remind me of sisters, perhaps because I have two sisters.  Saying that, I also have a brother . . . Anyway, the thought came into my head, I put it down on paper.  Do have a read and let me know what you think.

And if you enjoyed that, here are some links to other poetry on the web today:

Poetry gets the big screen treatment with Filmpoem.

Prince Charles reads Dylan Thomas’ ‘Fern Hill‘.

A new app has been specially created for National Poetry Day.

And this website can always be relied on to provide stunning poetry.  It’s Ink Sweat and Tears.

Finally, I recently entered The West Coast Eisteddfod Poetry Competition, organised by Americymru.  Submissions are now closed, but you can browse through many of the entries on the discussion board.  The results will be out on Monday, 14th October.  Wish me luck!


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