A Poem for Poetry Day Ireland

Second Child

When the bough breaks
and my oak tree heart
is joined by an echo,

I catch the swell
of my burgeoning womb,
swallow the gut-twist

of early days, imagine
eyes, fingers, the curve. . .

size of a blueberry, they say,
and I can track her fruit by fruit,

as we grow strong
and sweet and full,

fall all over again.

K. S. Moore


The arrival of my second daughter, in September, has swept me away on a tide of motherhood, leaving little time for blogging.  However, I’ve continued to write and wanted to share this poem for Poetry Day Ireland.  This is just one of many poems I have written based on my experience of becoming a mother.

This year’s Poetry Day Ireland events are widespread and it’s exciting to think that even one person might discover the expressive force that is poetry, through hearing someone read it aloud.

Photo credit: Foter.com

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