Romancing the Bric-a-Brac

My version is green with no pins, I don't own any! Besides, they're dangerous . . .

Why am I only now finding out that the traditional 2nd Wedding Anniversary gift is cotton?  I could have got clothes, I need a Summer wardrobe, that’s if we’re getting a Summer this year (don’t want to jinx it!) What I did get for my anniversary though was a glorious sunny day trip to a cute village called Fethard.  So scratch the clothes remark, I’m happy, although still a firm believer that you can never have too much to wear!

For the Welshies among you, Fethard really reminded me of Llandeilo, all pretty houses, old pubs, a striking church and even a slightly crumbling, ever so charming castle.  We decided to check out the famed outdoor market.  I love those kind of set ups, you know: an abundance of stalls filled with bric a brac, bits and bobs and thingummys.  You have to go up really close to make out what they are and then you’re still not sure.  Especially when it comes to auto jumble and tools.

Of course, Hubs knows what they are.  He has a sixth sense for anything dirty, rusty and heavy.  He instinctively knows their purpose and studies them with a trained eye, assessing their worth, ready to engage in gruff conversation with their owner and negotiate a deal.  Meanwhile, I am attracted by sparkles, books and anything purple.

I found some real treasures on the day: ‘Something to talk about’ by Sarah Webb for just 50 cent,  50 cent people!  And, get this, it’s signed by the author, a shiny lilac scrawl with three kisses.  Now, I’ve never actually read a book by Sarah Webb but she’s already got my attention with her pretty signature.  Let’s just hope the writing matches up!

I also tracked down a pin cushion surrounded by little china men, each with a tiny ponytail and bright jacket.  And before you ask, no, I don’t sew but I just couldn’t resist buying it.  My sister owned a trinket box in a similar style and I remember being fascinated by it as a child.  Must have been a combination of the bold colours and intriguing little figures.  I also bought one of those bracelet type watches.  I’ve wanted one for ages and this one has a heart shaped watch face surrounded by purple stones and silver charms.  Cost me practically nothing too!  Who cares if I’m able to tell the time?

Moving on from the market we ended up having lunch at a restaurant in Clonmel.  Hubs was very brave and tried the Calamari to start. I  was timid and ordered mushrooms but they were mushroom fritters so could be classed as ‘a bit different’ 😉  We both had  Turkey and Ham for our main meal and couldn’t manage a dessert although I am still haunted by the ‘sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch icecream’ that got away!

My experiences will give me lots to write about in a week’s time when I finally break free of my Childcare course and enter my ‘Writing Summer’.  I am going to miss getting out of the house and seeing people though.  Writing can be a lonely business.  Planning to put some  workshops together so I can connect with people and spread the joy of creativity!   I must take a look at that script I started working on too and maybe organise all the poetry I’ve written since moving to Ireland into a collection.  So much to do . . . I’ll be needing the Summer nights!

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