The poem, ‘Running on Shadows’ aspires to hold the spirit of a child, defying darkness and all obstacles, in the pursuit of exploration and play.  I wrote it, not long after moving to a new home.  My daughter was learning to walk / run and delighted in pausing on a patch of moss, before moving on to chase our shadows up the path.  The frame of a tree might stop her for another few seconds, and later, as her imagination took flight, she saw the shape of a magic wand in the clouds . . .

Running on Shadows

This moss is her island,
its dewy green
lends spring to her take off.

She’s running on shadows.

I tell her the trees
are branch and bud,
stars will cluster at tips.

She waves her wand to make them grow faster.

Trees, she says, follows
the jigsaw bark, up to
eye-aching light.

When she dreams, she will climb
to the fractured top,
serve tea from the clouds.

K. S. Moore

‘Running on Shadows’ is the second poem in a series of recordings, which began a month ago with ‘Sustenance‘.  I’m really enjoying delivering these poems to you in my own voice and I hope you have fun listening!  

Photo by jim.choate59 on / CC BY-NC-ND

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K. S. Moore is a Welsh Poet and Writer, based in Ireland. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Stinging Fly, Southword and Crannog.Online magazines: Nutshells and Nuggets, And Other Poems, and Ink Sweat and Tears have also featured poems. Meanwhile, flash fiction and short stories have been published in FlashFlood, Metazen, Number Eleven and The Bohemyth.K. S. Moore has been shortlisted for Flash Mob 2013, Blog Awards Ireland and 99 Fiction. She has performed at Waterford Writers' Weekend, Waterford Winterval and Swansea's Dylan Thomas Festival.


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