Starfish – Flash Fiction by K. S. Moore.

As a starfish, I am pointy, shiny and spirited, with a zest for water. The tank allows me to see out into the world without taking part. I can float and watch and wait. The only problem occurs when a handler introduces me to a child.

starfish“You can hold the starfish,” he says. “Hold your palm out flat. Don’t take the starfish out of contact with the water.”

A child is incapable of following instructions and I regularly feel the water drain away, the air, chill my core. At such moments I wonder if I will survive. It’s not so much the physical sensations; it’s the mental ‘what ifs’.

What if I never get back underwater?
What if I suddenly lose the ability to breathe, or my heart forgets to beat?
What if this child crushes me to a pulp?

There never seems to be a positive ‘what if’. Maybe I should think of one now.

What if I start to like being held?

Perhaps I should look at it as ‘someone caring’. I must be special if someone wants to hold me. As for the chill, I should see it as proof that I’m alive, that I can feel.

There, I feel better already, although I’m not fooled. The water is my natural habitat, my cool pair of wings.

© K. S. Moore, 2015

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K. S. Moore is a Welsh Poet and Writer, based in Ireland. Her poetry has recently appeared in The Stinging Fly, Southword and Crannog.Online magazines: Nutshells and Nuggets, And Other Poems, and Ink Sweat and Tears have also featured poems. Meanwhile, flash fiction and short stories have been published in FlashFlood, Metazen, Number Eleven and The Bohemyth.K. S. Moore has been shortlisted for Flash Mob 2013, Blog Awards Ireland and 99 Fiction. She has performed at Waterford Writers' Weekend, Waterford Winterval and Swansea's Dylan Thomas Festival.


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