Sustenance – Spoken Word Poem

Brittany Seaview

‘Sustenance’ is a poem about the relationship I had with food, as a teenager. Back then, I ate very little, as it was so important to me to be thin. I only allowed myself to eat breakfast on Saturdays; snacks and desserts were limited to weekends and special occasions. Sometimes, I gave in to cravings and binged on sweet-treats. Even now, I often eat chocolate when I’m stressed . . .

The poem is also about travel and references a school exchange trip to France, which I found very daunting. Interestingly, it was the experience of a new food in an inspiring setting that helped me to relax and enjoy my surroundings. This says a lot about the culture in Brittany – food is such a natural part of the day and is always given time and attention. I recommend a visit!

You may have noticed that this post is a K. S. Moorefirst’, as the featured poem is not only available to read, but also available to hear.  If you do have a listen, please let me know what you think!  


At a time when food meant skin with folds,
I hungered for all things sweet:
iced buns, custard, marzipan fruit . . .

I wanted to feel taste,

cut out chips, ate small, round potatoes,
drank skimmed milk, missed breakfast,

except at weekends


Strawberry Crunch was my morning desire.

At 18, I sailed to Brittany, bars of
chocolate eased the waves, gave me
a melting shield against strangers.

The peak was the meal of my life:
‘Moules Frites’ – essence of sea view,


K. S. Moore

Photo by Falcon_33 on / CC BY-SA

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