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Ghost Writer ebook Launch!

It's true, my first ebook is live and available to buy from Amazon!  'Live' seems a bit of a contradiction in terms considering the...

Paper Heart, a Poem


Heart to Heart

Apparently the Valentines gift you buy for your other half depends on the stage your relationship is at.  If you've just met gifts may...

War of the Celtic Worlds

A friendly tussle between the nations . . .         Last weekend was tricky.  It was a rugby weekend which was a positive.  My husband and...

A Cold, a Comic Hero and a Ray of Hope.

Drip, drip, drip . . . No, I did not have to deal with a leaking tap over the weekend, but a sorry nose. ...

Sense and the Scaredy Cat Reflex

I stood in a shop on Saturday debating the opposing merits of summer florals and body warmers.  On reflection I can't believe how agonising...

My e book Journey Begins

So, I survived Blue Monday and have emerged to face Trying Tuesday, a little ruffled, slightly scratched, bruised and battle scarred . . ....

Words v Blue Monday

Yesterday I congratulated myself on surviving 'Blue Monday' only to discover it hasn't actually happened yet!  I naturally assumed it would be the first...

New Year Mayhem

For someone who expressed an interest in shopping in previous posts I have had very litttle to do with new year sales.  I went...