Still Distracted, Still Christmas Shopping

Snowman flying through the air with a young boy and his dog from 'The Snowman and the Snowdog'
‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ is set to be one of the Christmas TV highlights of 2012. Meanwhile, I need to shop, and fast!

Having given you an insight into my Christmas shopping habits last year, I feel compelled to revisit the topic.  I can confirm that I am still distracted by anything shiny but I have stayed clear of DIY shops this time.  The Dads are due to receive useful pressies but they will not be project related.  It’s all for the best!

Unfortunately the ‘start early, finish late’ pattern seems to be in evidence again.  Although I started shopping about a month ago I have only purchased seven out of twenty gifts, eeek!  Happily, Hubs and I are going to hit Hay-on-Wye before Christmas and are planning to give a lot of books as pressies.  There’s nothing better in my opinion.  I’m hoping to get a copy of Andre Agassi’s autobiography.  He was my favourite tennis player in my teens and made Wimbledon extra eventful with his rapid return of serve and baseline winners!  And who could forget the cascades of golden hair, emerging from under his baseball cap?  The guy was pure entertainment.  There hasn’t been a character like him in years.

Hmmm, I got distracted again didn’t I?  Ok, well I’m about to reveal some Christmas shopping secrets from the depths of my Writer’s soul . . . Make a list (no, not to Santa Claus).  Seriously, my top tip is to make a list of the people you have to buy for, write a gift idea next to their name.  Bring this with you when shopping. Tick off the names as you buy each gift.  Try to stick to one gift per person to avoid confusion.  Just make it a good one!  And, if you have teenage nieces and nephews like me, give them money.  There you go, all sorted!  I really should take my own advice!

Never mind, I will get there in the end.  I really am looking forward to Christmas this year as I have lots of catch ups with family and friends planned.  I’m also childishly excited about the new sequel to ‘The Snowman’ – ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ due to be broadcast on Christmas Eve.  I have already booked my place on the sofa with hubs.  There will be chocolates, mulled wine, and a roaring log fire. Bliss!

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Still Distracted, Still Christmas Shopping.


2 responses to “Still Distracted, Still Christmas Shopping”

  1. lol I’m terribly distracted in the shops too. I carry my camera with me and have a habit of snapping pics of displays, products, shoppers, decorations…. yeah It takes me a while to get out of a store 🙂  I also want to say congrats! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 You can get your badge and all the instructions on what to do with this award on my post accepting my nomination here  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Pleased to report I have finally finished my Christmas shopping! Lots of present packing to do yet though 🙁 Hope you are battling through the crowds and resisting the urge to stop and stare at all the Christmas decs, gifts and displays! Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I have a couple of posts scheduled pre Christmas so will have a look at a Liebster Post after the big day! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a fabulous 2013. 🙂

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