Day Trip to Cork City, Boats & Sparkly Sea

With all the warm weather, my life took a turn for the joyful last week with a series of day trips, sea views and good times.  A friend and I decided our summer wardrobes could do with an update and embarked on a sunny day trip to Cork City.  On the way, we stopped at Youghal to buy sunscreen and admire the sparkly sea views.  There were lots of fishing boats, including one which was tipped forward, so that it appeared to be sinking into the sand.  I saved the image to memory and used it to write a poem later that day.

Robin Hood's Bay
Fishing Boat poised for adventureThomas Tolkien / Art Photos / CC BY

We had a little look around Youghal Visitor Centre.  There is a free exhibition of local history, including informative text, images, artefacts and models.  I picked up a couple of postcards featuring puffins in the gift shop.  You can’t go wrong with puffins . . . they always deliver the cute factor!

From this point, it was onward to Cork . . . The city might not be the first location to spring to mind on a hot day, but I can report that the English Market and arcade of jewellery and gift shops leading into it, are worth a visit in any weather.  I bought a pearl bracelet for my Mum and a rather unique necklace which I boldly wore to an engagement party at the weekend.  It comprises of a long chain and a tie shaped silvery piece of metal – just the right touch for livening up a black dress!  I also bought Turkish Delight in the market itself, while my friend bought a beautifully crafted mini rhubarb tart.

After much exploration, we finally tracked down H & M.  There is no H & M in Waterford, so I was delighted.  The store is spacious and probably needed more browsing time than my friend and I were able to spend.  However, we both left with purchases and I have a feeling I will be back there soon!  We went to Scoozis for lunch and it was one of the highlights of our day.  The main meal portions were tasty but modest; the desserts were the real triumph!  I had a huge slice of Mars Bar Cheesecake and felt spoiled by the experience!  Meanwhile, my friend tucked into a healthy helping of chocolate cake and was just as impressed.

So, we left Cork with our stomachs heavier and our wallets lighter but with no complaints at all!  The weather grew warmer still over the next couple of days and hubs and I decided to  head for Dungarvan and a second fix of sea and boats.  I think I’m a little bit obsessed with fishing boats even though I’ve never been in one or ever tried any form of fishing!  I just love their dinky construction, bright colours, names, and the thought that they could take you on an adventure.  We took some time out to admire the wide variety and I caught sight of a full bodied seaweed lapping at the water.  It seemed like a strong and ferocious breed, its pods or fruit (I must find the correct terminology) were like fat grapes.  Needless to say, more poetry has been forthcoming . . .

On the way home, we paused for a walk on Stradbally beach.  The tide was in quite far, restricting walking space, but we managed a laboured stroll through sand that drew our footsteps into shifting softness.  There was a lot of flesh on show: wobbly bits, red backs, feet covered in wet sand; all the usual holiday sights.  We sat down on some rocks to watch floating leaves cross the water and throw shadows on the sand below.  It was very calming.  But, we could already feel the clouds growing and breeze picking up, signs of the change which has taken hold this week.  Now, we hide from the rain, wonder if we should put the heating on and if summer will ever return?




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