Following A Rainbow, Birds and The Blues

Solitary bird against a rainbow backdrop.

Solitary bird against a rainbow backdrop.
This bird has the right idea. If I had wings I’d join him!

I refuse to do ‘The January Blues’ this year.  Not interested.  Instead, I’m following a rainbow, not literally, of course. I know all that ‘Wizard of Oz’ stuff isn’t real. But, in a murky month like January colours take on a greater significance.  They are harder to find, but that just means seeking them out.  This leads me on to one of my favourite topics: nature walking.

Now, I know nature walking doesn’t seem the most appealing on one of those sullen days that traipses along, stifled by thick cloud and abandoned by a sun that doesn’t even own a hat, let alone want to wear one.  But if you do brave the gloom, I can promise that the world doesn’t stop whirring, just because the weather is out of sorts.  The world is still very much alive and there are some wonderful creatures in it.

Take greenfinches, for example.  They are colourful, positive little creatures with a sprightly, hopping gait.  They appear unafraid, sociable even.  I ran into a charming brigade of these birds the other day when I embarked on a nature walk with my favourite companion: Hubs.  As we advanced, the birds remained in position, as if they were waiting for us to catch up.  Then, as we got to within a step of their gang, they flitted onwards, once more, landing a little further down the path.  This pattern repeated itself time and again.

“Look how friendly they are!”  I said.
“Probably hungry,” said Hubs, ever pragmatic.

Whatever the reasons for this curious game, it provided a pleasant diversion, on a chilly January day.  I must admit December was not the best of walking months for me.  It seemed to be raining every day and despite owning a pair of waterproof trousers, I found it pretty hard to motivate myself into outdoor exercise.  This drizzle induced indolence plus several boxes of chocolates has led to a slightly sluggish me. All my clothes still fit so I don’t think I’ve put on too many pounds but it’s best to take action before that even becomes a problem.

Besides, I always feel better after a walk.  It’s the all embracing chill, the onward progress, the appeal to the senses.  When I was a month away from my wedding I walked twice a day, every day.  It was the only way to combat the stress!  Happily, today has brought a little sunshine into the new year and I’ve been bird watching again.  It wasn’t intentional.  I went to do some work at the  library.  It’s great, because you can sit right in the window.  Two blackbirds hopped over and I forgot my notepad for a few minutes, giving them my full attention.  I don’t know what it is about me and birds.  I feel like I’m a Disney princess sometimes!  Hey, maybe they’ve heard I can sing . . .

Anyway, I can’t complain as birds have inspired many of my poems, particularly in my fourth collection: ‘A Flower Girl’s Tears.’  There is a poem about a Magpie, one about Flamingos and one about a Peacock.  I love all the different character traits apparent in birds, their varying plumage, their optimistic way of moving and the breathtaking grace of their wing span and flight.  I will always write about them and look forward to future encounters as I follow that rainbow and note the colours.

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Following a Rainbow, Birds and The Blues.

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