Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife

Mistle Thrush

I’m missing Swansea this week; the place, the feel, my family and friends back home.  I enjoy life in Ireland but sometimes I just get this ache . . . It’s probably because it’s over four months since my last visit.  I find three months no trouble, any longer and I’m visualising Mumbles Pier, me striding purposefully towards it (icecream in mind) and the sea quivering beside me, all salt-skim and angry energy.

Mumbles Pier
The sea comes in all characters . . . here it is a calm accompaniment to Mumbles Pier.Visit Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Of course, there’s a lot to love about my current surroundings and I’ve been out and about, in search of wildlife once more.  Yesterday, Hubs and I went driving through the country estate we live beside.  We saw fish, quick and flinty in the clear waters for the first time this year.  As we lingered, a dipper flew in, all airspeed and artistry.

We continued to explore and Hubs soon spotted two wild ducks, dallying in a boggy stretch of land, their heads barely bobbing up at eyeline.  I only caught sight of them as they took flight and became a blur of wings.  As the rain swept in, we took refuge in the car and travelled through the farmyard.  I felt sorry for the soggy lambs and calves.  I know, they’re built for the outdoors, but they’re only babies.

The wildlife story didn’t end there, rumbling up the hill towards home, we caught sight of a bird in the trees.  It was of similar size to a song thrush but looked slightly different.  I thought I detected a flush of pink, but may have been mistaken.  Its call was very distinctive, with a rattling quality and Hubs reckons it was a mistle thrush.

Could the bird we saw have been a Mistle Thrush? Edwyn Anderton / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

We’ve also had another visit from our resident bunny-rabbit, although he ran under the car when we tried to make conversation!  He is a very large animal . . . I don’t know where he’s getting all the carrots from!  I just hope he stays safe and we get to see more of him.

In writing news, I’ve been trying my hand at microfiction and have completed a second short story in a literary style.  It needs a good edit but I’m not sure if that will happen today.  I’m feeling rather rebellious and may just set off on a long walk somewhere.  My homesickness has its positive side, as I started scribbling a few lines of verse on a Swansea theme earlier.  As long as the words stay friendly and don’t get unruly, I will be content!

 Missing Swansea, Cherishing Wildlife.

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