Rabbit Family Values

Two baby rabbits.

A rabbit family have moved into my garden.  Talk about Watership Down, it’s Watership overflowing out there!  Firstly, Hubs and I spotted a large rabbit, then a medium sized one, then a baby and finally two babies . . . I know, it sounds like the rabbit version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Anyway, I’ve been hovering with my camera and managed to get a few good shots.  The best one is this picture of the two babies, sitting out in the sun.  They are quite shy, so I snapped away with the window closed, for a few minutes.  Next, I opened the latch.  One of the rabbits tensed up and looked ready to run, so I waited a while before slowly opening the window.

Two baby rabbits.
And then, there were two . . . baby bunnies enjoying sunshine and companionship.
Photo: K. S. Moore.

This is the bravest of the two babies.  He seems to have a big appetite as he’s always reaching up to eat the tops off weeds.  He’s on a break here:

baby rabbit in the grass
Stopping to reflect . . . now what shall I eat next?
Photo: K. S. Moore.

Ok, here he is in action.

rabbit nibbling a weed.
This is weedy nice!
Photo: K. S. Moore.

Hubs is very pleased with him because he particularly likes nibbling those black-headed weeds that pepper the lawn.  It’s lovely to be able to watch this rabbit family develop.  I just hope they manage to stay safe from predators.  We hadn’t seen any cats around here for months, yet a few days ago, a large black fella turned up.  Hubs scared him off, so I hope he won’t be back!  It feels like the story of Stephen the Swallow all over again.  Stephen fell out of his nest last year and survived, for me to tell the tale!  He was sat in the middle of our lawn for a couple of days, while his parents swooped in to feed him.  Back then, we had a larger feline community and we worried for his safety.  However, we think we saw him perched on a wire, alongside his parents afterwards, so the story had a happy ending!

Apart from bunny-watching, I’ve had a few other things going on lately.  Hubs and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  Typing this, I’ve just realised I forgot to check what gift you’re supposed to get.  I seem to remember someone telling me it’s leather and I should ask for a handbag or pair of shoes!  Well, we were happy enough with a trip to see ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ in 3D over the weekend.  We went to see it with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I’m thinking we should go to see The Great Gatsby in 3D too.  I absolutely love Baz Luhrmann.  Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favourite films.  Nobody knows how to impress and build a magical atmosphere like Luhrmann!  Plus, the book is a classic, although I must confess to being more intrigued by the language than the characters.

In writing news, I’m back working on my novella.  Having taken some time out to work on poetry, microfiction and short stories (all in a literary style), I have found it tricky to get back into the book.  It’s very character driven and has more of a popular feel.  I am enjoying re-familiarising myself with the characters at this point and have a good feeling about the whole project.  Will keep you posted.


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