Reflections on Easter Walks and Wildlife

I’ve been enjoying a peaceful and reflective Easter, filled with walks and wildlife.  It started with the sun on Good Friday, when hubs and I decided to revisit a favourite walk, last undertaken in May of 2012.  I wrote about it then, pessimistically labelling the day: A Mini May Summer.  Turns out, I wasn’t far wrong as the only other scorching hot days happened in July, as I stayed with my family in Wales.  Anyway, this particular walk brings life to the senses.  It is romantic and more than a little bit wild.

As hubs and I strolled along, I reached out with my mind to capture images, the silver bark of overarching trees, the vital green hue of the water, the sudden flight of two ducks and the skulking, shy antics of a black and white cockerel.  Then there was the rickety bridge, which hubs always makes a sudden dash towards.  I felt it my duty to warn him, even though I knew he was only messing around.

The two of us lingered, enjoying this doorway out of the day to day, not relishing the uphill struggle home to our cottage, even though it would mean tea and sandwiches.  The rest of our weekend unfolded rapidly, with a last minute rush to buy Easter Eggs for nieces and nephews on Saturday and an Easter dinner, cooked at home like proper grown ups on Sunday.  That evening we went up to see my in-laws, distribute Easter Eggs and catch up on all the family news.  Long discussions of summer weddings ensued and we finally felt free of Winter.

In the middle of it all I rang home.  As well as being Easter Sunday, it was my parents’ wedding anniversary.  Last year they celebrated their Golden and all the celebration memories are still fresh.  I wished I could be there to wish them a happy 51st in person, but contented myself with telephone well wishes.  Our own wedding anniversary is fast approaching, but we have a long way to go before catching Mum and Dad!  It will be three years for us this May, although we have been together for eleven.

It’s funny how Easter always seems to be such a reflective time.  I suppose, with the two bank holidays, we are forced to slow down and take stock.  Although, for those with children, it’s probably an extra busy time.  I know my own brother and his wife have taken their two little ones to Euro Disney!

The next important event in my calendar is my second ‘Story Wise’, Creative Writing Workshop of the year.  The workshop will take place a week Saturday, on April 13th at Bridge House, Dungarvan, from 10am until 4pm.  If you are beginning to write and would appreciate some guidance in generating ideas and structuring a short story, you can book a place by emailing me at  More information here.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine!  I’m going to turn my attention to editing some poems I wrote last week.  Since taking part in Waterford Writers’ Weekend, the ideas keep coming.  I wouldn’t mind some for my novella now, please ‘Muse‘!


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