Summer of the Rabbit

Rabbit eating grass.

Well, I think we can safely say the summer is here.  Never mind the rain, like last year, we have swallow chicks and baby bunnies residing in our garden.  It was Hubs who spotted the first rabbit, darting under our shed.  Since then, I’ve seen him a few times, nibbling at the grass and sitting out in the warm sun.  However, this particular rabbit is a shy chappy who refuses to pose for photographs.

Luckily, he has a smaller sibling who only appeared last night.  This little guy chomped away at the grass for a long time, happily moving right below the back door and not flinching as we chatted in low voices and took several snaps.

Rabbit eating grass.
Here he is, mid-nibble! Photograph: K. S. Moore.

The only trouble was that our good camera was out in the car so we had to use a mobile phone.  Never mind, better to have some pictures than none at all.  Hopefully both rabbits will be around for some time to come.  Here’s another picture to keep you going until then!

Rabbit on grass.
Bunny in side view. What a friendly and active little guy! Photograph: K. S. Moore.

As for the swallows, they’re nesting at the side of the house.  The nest is quite high up so it might not be possible to get any photos.  Of course, I will keep an eye as the chicks grow and cheep louder.  We might get to see their first attempts at flying!

Continuing on the subject of birds, I’ve noticed that we have a sunbathing blackbird.  He  spreads himself out on the lawn to catch the rays before the next shower!  What an opportunist.  Maybe I should follow his example . . .

I often talk about the effect nature has on my writing.  Recently I’ve noticed myself starting to observe spring and summer changes in close detail and scribble a few lines of poetry onto the page.  I may post a few of my efforts here and on my Facebook Page in the next few weeks so check back soon.

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