Swallow Chicks, Big Fish and Orange Berries

Swallow Chick

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have heard me mention my new family of three – the swallow chicks!  Ok, so they’re not quite mine, but as their nest is situated just a few feet from my door I have adopted the ‘watchful aunty’ role and I think we’re beginning to bond!  One of the chicks is particularly friendly and can often be seen hanging out at the nest, all fluffed up and chirpy.  He responds very well to seventies band – ‘The Sweet’, a fact Hubs and I discovered by accident, over the weekend.

There we were, happily blasting out ‘Wig Wam Bam’ and checking up on the chicks, when this little guy (or should I say, healthy looking feathered friend), started cheeping along!

Swallow Chick
Keeping snug, between cheeps!
Photograph: George Moore.

Since the chicks moved in, I feel like a real wildlife photographer, with the arm-ache to prove it!  I’ve never spent so much time trying to get the perfect shot, and after all that, I’ve chosen a photo my husband took as the featured image for this post!

I also tried to get a snap of the parent feeding the chicks but he or she is far too quick!  Here’s a picture of two chicks instead.

Two Swallow Chicks in their nest.
It’s so much friendlier with two! In fact, there are three chicks in the nest but number 3 is completely camera shy!
Photograph: K. S. Moore.

My camera also accompanied myself and Hubs on a walk to the local reservoir – ‘Ballyshunnock’.  We were astonished to see fish leaping clean out of the water.  One of them made such a splash, we nearly ran for cover!  He was too far away to tell what type of fish he was.  Perhaps he’s related to the Loch Ness Monster!

Anyway, we enjoyed a pleasant, scenic stroll and were delighted to spot these vibrant orange berries.

Orange Berries
A late Summer splash of colour.
Photograph: K. S. Moore.

Their colour seemed like an Autumn omen, ready to sweep Summer out of the way and hustle in the season of bonfires, turned leaves and cold air to come.  Sauntering up to the water’s edge, a drape of floating flowers caught our attention.  I presume they’re a type of water lily, but don’t quote me!  Have a look.

Water lilies at Ballyshunnock
The gorgeous fuchsia shade of these water blooms, begged to be captured on camera!
Photograph: George Moore

The blooms reminded me of Hamlet’s Ophelia – that famous image of her drifting downstream, surrounded by petal echoes of her wasted beauty.  But this photo is much more positive.  My husband has captured all the life and character of these durable plants and in these last few weeks of summer, they will serve as a memory of evening walks in the light.

I am ready for Autumn though.  The books I ordered from Amazon finally arrived, and will join me, as I sit on the sofa and turn the pages towards the new season. A season of reading, writing and nature-watching.  The pastimes I love best!

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